Rescue Luna & UST holder for save community & good project on terra

I think this problem for this week. it is only UST & Luna price.

I still think that Luna’s ecosystem is still good. Initially, it’s clear that projects on Terra can continue. Just find a cure for the UST and Luna token holders and start all over again.

The contribution may not be 100% of the value everyone holds the coin. but to maintain this community for various projects to carry on their dreams.

my opinion

  1. Redeem All Luna & UST supply depend on Capital Fund
  2. Continues to Run Chain, First run Stable Coin will use only on terra chain to manage supply & price
  3. initial UST will have collaterals asset first.
  4. In the meantime, make improvements to the preg algorithm.

I feel pity for a good project on Terra.

You can consider finding investors with this epic popularity and new solutions. As long as the solution and technology are okay, you can use this epic marketing and visibility to raise money. Chinese capital prefers this