Do you accept that UST has failed? Ok, let’s forget UST and Rebuild LUNA!
Many of those who had LUNA at deppeging time, sold their LUNA. Are they loyal to the community? Are they in loss?

Instead of trying to peg UST, first, buy back LUNA and burn whatever you buy to increase its value.
I think you’ve started to sell it in much higher prices like 2$.

Stop trading and offering UST. Take a snapshot of all the UST holders (In the wallets and all the excahnges and DeFi platforms). Give them the equivalent amount of LUNA instead of their UST. (By the way, if you say that all the UST holders will receive 1$ of LUNA instead of 1 UST, there would be high demand for UST till it ends :slight_smile: )

Take a snapshot of the last time that you tweeted to stay strong, i think Luna price was around 15.
In the time, LUNA price was 4 times lower than what it had to be. For example, Fantom was 1.5 last month and it’s around 0.3 $ now, so what? It happens.

Distribute a reasonable amount of Luna among them. Take a snapshot of the time that you tweeted about minting LUNA to save UST. Distribute a reasonable amount among them as well as they were loyal till that time. (Not only the wallets, but also excahnges! Lots of people even hold on exchanges! )

If you want to work on an algorithmic stable coin, ok do it but do NOT use a coin like LUNA with 40B market cap to keep the price of a risky stable coin with 14B market cap.

Destroy UST and re-brand LUNA after a while.
Also, It’s better for the team to make friends and partnerships with the big figures in the crypto space.


No. That’s completely what this project isn’t about. Without UST there would be no LUNA.