Running a validator node

Hello! My name is Farid, I want to become a validator node operator and I wanted to know a couple of things prior to beginning the task.

  1. Is there still chance? I read that Columbus only admits 100 validator nodes, so I don’t know if that limit has been reached or there’s still change.

  2. What’s the minimum amount of LUNA that has to be staked in my node in order to make it at least cover the costs of cloud servers, website and social media?

I would really apprecciate some guidance regarding these two issues. Thanks!

Welcome to the Terra community!

  1. There are still one or two validator slots left - you would be able to claim them if you move quickly.

  2. On the break even point question - this really depends on your particular validator architecture / which country you are domiciled in etc. TFL recommends against using cloud servers for running validators (in which case the failure of the cloud server impacts multiple validators)

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Thanks for replying! So, what architecture is recommended to run a validator node?

And another question. By “claiming” a validator slot you mean just creating it, or do I have to reach a certain staked amount in order to claim it? Thank you. This is a good resource to look into - we recommend using a data center with sentries to prevent the signing node to be exposed to the external net


You just need to spin up a validator. minium luna stake requirement is 1, although that means if other validators came along with more stake they will be able to push you out of the active validator set


Thank you very much for the information!

Now that Terra 2.0 will run a new chain, any slot for $LUNA 2.0 (even not yet active, so just to start) ?