Save on-chain funds stolen from Terraport v2

This proposal requests voters to support an emergency code upgrade that will freeze all the funds of the people involved in the creation and marketing of the Terraport dApp. We propose freezing the wallets affected, and redistributing the funds from those wallets to people who lost funds. Once these tracked wallets have been independently confirmed, this being a step closer for users of the dApp (not investors) to get their funds returned.

We want to ensure the people who were negligent in their behavior suffer some of the pain that the users of their dApp have experienced. This is not limited to the people who wrote the application, but to all the influencers who promoted it to their user bases without doing proper due diligence.

use the code developed by the L1TF, to block the wallets in v1 of of this proposal, but target the wallets of the people involved, as well as un-delegating any funds they hold in those wallets.

scary right?


The code should be removed. Never used.

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A nice demonstration of how scary such a measure can get ! This code needs to be removed, even if not implemented yet !

The L1 team shouldn’t even had considered this !


Oh… addendum:

Arbitration of who was involved will be conducted representatives of the community, and their judgement will be final.


Prop up for immediate removal of code. Like they should have done before they implemented it lol.

This situation is very similar to Ethereum’s hard fork after the DAO hack. The ETH community preached “CODE IS LAW” until the people who controlled it got hacked and they broke their own rule. If the same thing happens with Terra, the dream of a free monetary system will be forever crushed.

It’s the first time a implementation of code without governance in the Cosmos SDK world.
7-day voting period is meaningless now.

It’s a really ridiculous, disgusting thing.

If the 7-day voting period could be ignored, DK could have stopped the Luna-UST pegging algorithm right away and LUNA collapse could not occur. But, you know that, DK don’t do that.

TCV, L1TF are a god because they are trying to do something that even DK couldn’t do.



yes, you are right, let them come, steal, deceive. Let’s just say this is freedom. Let’s make the chain the backyard of thieves. :slight_smile:

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Bruh. There have always been thieves and scammers in crypto.
You care more for getting your money than the soverignity of the chain.


You already know who the thieves are. It’s TCV. When someone FROM TCV stole the money, TCV becomes liable.

We don’t know who the thief is, but what is the denial of the thief’s wallets freezing request? There’s also this, let’s say TCV was a thief. They froze CEX wallets. Now they want to freeze the designated wallets on the chain. What do you think it means to oppose it? :slight_smile: What is your story? Is it to collect all the thieves and turn the chain into a thief dum?*

Protecting thieves does not mean decentralized. Keep your stupid opinion to yourself. Maybe some of these wallets belong to you. You want to recover what you stole.

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The thief IS TCV, that’s all you need to know. If you want to sue, you don’t need to even name the hacker. You just need to put TCV as the other party since they have, by their own admission, already say that this is an inside job. You claim the money back from TCV, as simple as that.

TCV will have to then recover their own losses from the ‘hacker’ by their own effort, not by jeopardizing the whole chain.


Keep your ignorant comments away from Governance.
You are here only thinking how you can get your money back from Terraport gamble.
You arent here to protect investors with that attitude.

If you are aware of crypto risks, you don’t come begging for centralization.

Your Terraport is offered by a centralized company based in UK.
The wallet belongs to TcV, who own Terraport.

Asking for decentralized entity to give up their soverignity for a centralized company is pure stupid narrative.


Your proposal won’t pass…it can’t pass. Understand the risk involved with difi. I have risked money but am well aware of the potential gains for my risk.

I learn a crypto before I put money down. Even then if it’s not on a cex, presale only with no history I stay away. That’s how I play. Each to their own.

Was I tempted for TP with the hype? Yes. However too many many red flags kept me away. You gambled, you lost. Go after TCV for your $50 they have liquidity for pay outs I’m told but they are not interested, they are only interested in a relaunch. Perhaps you’ll be silly enough to invest again.

Let’s call this what it is, a diversion. It’s your fault! It’s LUNC fault, it’s a secret hack fault, it’s just something that happens etc etc.

They had $4000000 on chain and burnt around $1200 (10mil LUNC) the balance of this “coin for LUNC” “burning coin” seems off.

When you wake up and understand TP was built on the chain but is not LUNC it will finally sink in you are not getting your money back. You were cheering when it was 5x, 10x and how stupid everyone was for not trusting it. Now you come cap in hand “risk your chain wallets and whole system because you lost $50”

Buy yourself some LUNC and be more careful in the future.

I’m down on LUNC right now…who’s gonna freeze wallets and pay me back? NO ONE AND I DONT EXPECT IT EITHER.

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Now that was a good rant, if I’ve ever heard a proper one on Terraport till now.

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Thanks mate had to vent a little.

It’s making me mad the research I put into crypto before buying any. LUNCs crash was my starting point as was many others.

Before I even logged into my first CEX and spent a penny I spent a lot of time researching. I even missed a 00005/6 buy in.

They want the profits of early bitcoin and the safety of an ISA.
This shambles of a blame game is making us look foolish and these stupid investors now trying to blame LUNC.

Hopefully the focus now heads to parity and repeg!


You’re replying to the wrong person. It’s not my proposal and I’m basically saying the opposite of what the proposal is asking for anyway.

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I might have had a beer and was trying to reply to tarik :wink:

It’s all good anyway my point stands