Sc(ammy Governance

FYI WAGNER, my prop came up before his, with the exception of his great idea to exempt dapp smart contracts which came earlier and was his idea, which I credited him for.

My prop came up on 19 March, with the 80/20 split. His came up on March 20. Guess I was first then wasn’t I WAGNER? Vision Plan to achieve $1+ LUNC vs
New Economic Policy for Terra Classic: Set of 4 Proposals to Align Incentives.

Also I’m the one who put up the 75/25% prop to governance which the agora was up on 4 March? Parameter Change: Adjust Tax AnteHandler to 75/25% Split from 90/10%.

Also the tax split and the basis of my plan was laid out in my validator roadmap on Feb 15 JESUSisLORD Validator Roadmap - Vision for Luna Classic (LUNC) - 15 February 2023.

I already explained this to you in my proposal thread WAGNER, Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+, you just want to baselessly attack me.

Of course my proposal is going up. 0.5% if it passes is just a stepping stone to my proposal. LUNC needs to be fixed. Of course I’ll be fighting for my Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ to pass and be successfully implemented, and I will continue to.

Here you go WAGNER, read it: Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+ - #62 by JESUSisLORD. Oh and while you’re at it be sure to link me your criticisms of RedlineDrifters proposal which also relied on help to reach out to exchanges? Please link any comments of yours criticising his plan for reaching out to exchanges (with a far more complex plan), so you can prove to the readers here you’re not a hypocrite. I’ll wait…

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You also plagiarized his split to distribution module …

Which means you don’t care abou the chain stability at all, it s all about satisfying your big ego

Also, o have no critics towards Redline … it’s a complex plan which has real incentives to CEX to join the bandwagon, while trying to restore the chain to its glory days. Your plan, on the other side, it’s only about keeping LUNC as a meme so you and all post-crash holders can have a profit.

You’re wrong WAGNER, my plan will be great for the chain.

No, that part in my flowchart was included as options where the 0.3% on-chain funding could go, for 100% of the 0.3% to the CP, to the distribution module (which dfunk proposed), or to CAP the CP and overflow to the CP (my proposal). Neither the distribution module nor the CAP on the CP was included in the governance proposals of my plan.

My plan’s governance votes as laid out in the original post only accounted for 100% to the CP. I am all too glad for dfunk’s proposals to pass and signalled my support for them as soon as they were posted on agora. Where the proceeds of the 0.3% tax COULD go was foreshadowed in the flowchart to show future OPTIONS and that I was considering the oracle pool. There was nothing wrong with that. I clearly gave credit to dfunk for his dapp smart contract exemption, as it was a governance proposal in my plan.

You’re an evil guy WAGNER and a clear hypocrite. My plan has incentives and my plan is far easier for exchanges to implement. You just hate it because you know it can make LUNC pump in price and will be good for the chain, you hate burns, and you love minting, and oppose my plan because I want to benefit LUNC investors. Why don’t you care about post-crash LUNC investors WAGNER? This shows your deceptive motive in attacking my plan. You don’t want LUNC investors to succeed and make money. What’s more to say?

Ya, totally great.
It’s just you lack a proper plan, incentives and the support of the Community.

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Well, whatever the plan is, even if you have our support and the support of the community, you still need to get through to the other validators.

I am aware that you are a validator as well but to pass this vote, your vote won’t be sufficient. It will require a lot more votes.

Even if the entire community votes, I do not know whether that is equal to or less than the validator votes.

3 of the top validators make up about 25% (of the 100%) of votes if I am not mistaken. It might be a little more or less. Anyway, you would have got the point.

The point is that without these 3 top validators voting YES on your prop, it won’t pass governance.

P.S. Both TR and L1JTF had to re-up the props after talking to the validators first. They won’t pass it otherwise. Go and talk to them.

I won’t talk to them cause I got problems. Even my family says so. I will not budge from my position of decentralisation personally. But you can definitely try.

No, I have a proper plan, I have incentives, and we’ll see how the community votes in June. You don’t read or comprehend the plan which is evident by all your ignorant comments against it so far. You can read the plan again Tonu if you forgot its features: Final Vision Plan for LUNC to $1+.

Yes I’ve already reached out to all active validators with contact information, and will again prior to vote. I know I need enough of their support. I’ll continue to advocate for my plan and see how the vote goes in June.


Yes. Well. Don’t have high hopes, Chris.
Whatever happens is the Gods will, right.

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His plan is not great, it’s excellent.

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What is this quarrel about? Because I do not understand. First it was about taxes, then L1, then something else?

your maths is way off how can the top 3 validators control 1/4 and the governance ?

actually i’m sure all-nodes alone has all voting power ( at nome point if not now)

let me go check block height 7603700 on classic.

Chris can be really passionate about his divine vision. Don’t worry.

Top 3 total VP is roughly 35%.

Assuming delegators don’t vote individually - they control 1/3 of governance vote.

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actually they control the majority, so LUNC is dictated by the top 3 validators… 35% give them collectively the power share of the governance….who’s to say the top 3 validators own most the smaller wallets too.

regardless i know ever name involves in May-12th-2022 block halt 7603700 and the validators connected , who have been governing terra for the last year using lunc to save themselves 10,000% per vote.

does wormhole receive that 75% airdrop just started?

There’s no airdrop on TC.

how sure are you @Tonu_Magi

do you want pics ?

Governance forum is not the place for you wLuna airdrop concerns.

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Every drop of coins on terra station etc are scamms ! never believe this !

You did read it’s called “LUNA”
We are on Classic chain. We use “LUNC”

Let me be clearer for ye: The chain forked in May of '22. LUNA 1.0 became LUNC.
New fork become LUNA 2.0

So TFL is the one you need to bugger upon.

I think people can say what you like about JesusisLord information but he/she is not misleading

I don’t disagree with you at all but maybe think about staggered process - bring it in lower and watch the volume and gradually increase to remove the knee jerk reaction of the community - while I support the higher tax I can also see if you get it in someone else will immediately do a proposal to remove it again.