Sc(ammy Governance

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It is literally written in the list. You didn’t pass quorum

Proposal deposits will not be refunded if the proposal is vetoed,

fails to meet quorum

, or does not meet the minimum deposit

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By placing a prop up you agreed to the terms of that prop.

You are supposed to discuss on agora first. Gauge if the prop is popular. You wasn’t unfortunately.

You put up 1mil lunc. You should have put up 100k and wait for others to donate to your cause. If you then reach 1mil you would have seen the support and the fact it might pass. You pushed it through when no one was interested.

Validators are not to blame. Each and every holder can use there coins to vote however they want manually.

You keep claiming to be smarter than everyone else but you seem to lack the understanding or you are completely blinded by your narcissistic outlook that you actually believe your prop is the best…

I hope you fix up the prop a little and try again. This time don’t put up the 1m let others get behind you.

I don’t claim to be smarter than you…I’m probably not lol but I understand MONEY I am a salesman. Until this division of utility Vs burns goes away and people understand we need both we will not repair.

Utility is coming but people are bored…why? No hype. You need to hype as burns can’t sustain hype forever so as people are hyped for burns we add the use cases the Dapps.
Whales we see new burns and buy the rumor, little retail will then jump on at that point the whales should be out…but we have entropy and parity, whales now say hmmmmm this was a low entry point I’ll hold.

Keep attackin/g burn boys and the community won’t support you.

You forced a prop through no one was interested in and I’m sorry you lost 1m.

But remember when you say “burns are pointless” each 50m we burn is 50m off the market cap to achieve our levels.


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Imagine. Arubasu, the great L1 developer, making asian coins since he doesn’t know how we already have these.
And imagine - he failing to browse basic Terra Classic Docs available and now being butthurt since the system worked exactly as described


No proposal created by you will be accepted. Your low level of maturity and hostile behavior conveys little confidence.


No one scammed you, Aru… you just failed to attract interest to your proposal. Take the hit and try better next time, there is no shame in that !!!

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How could you not know this if your the supposed grand developer? Also, are you trying to make rupee stablecoin, that’s ridiculous.

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Don’t act stupid. Which Tonu is. But everyone doesn’t need to act stupid.

I already said I know. It is fckd up since you have no right to burn my coins without my permission.

And how else are you supposed to upload a proposal anyway apart from accepting the terms of this sc(am?

And did “I” pass the proposal to make this a sc(am process of uploading a proposal?

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I feel I shouldn’t need to explain to a Dev…

If someone puts up a proposal and self funds they need to have high confidence in their proposal.

Funds are not taken from a NO vote.

This shows that although the community isn’t in favour of the proposal they understand that the person had done enough due diligence to at least pass quorum.

If a vote doesn’t pass quorum and is self funded like yours it’s shows that no one was interested and you misread the community sentiment.
However if these props aren’t punished we provide free advertising for any prop and the page would be awash with links.

Yours wasn’t a sca/m we can see that but that’s unfortunately how it works.

When self funding you gave permission and your coins based on your judgement.

As basic as it sounds people are sick of coins to save coins. Terraport, blaze blah blah it’s always controlled by someone skimmin/g and people are tired of them.

Work your plan with USTC and LUNC and nothing else. You will have more luck.

I understand you mean well but this isn’t how governance works.

Nothing is unfortunate if it’s a sc(am.

We can all see perfectly well how the props are being passed by the other teams whom I shall not name here cause it is not my intention to put them down.

If governance works by ri(pping off the community money, then that’s exactly what they are doing and they should not be blamed for that.

In fact, I’d advise all developers to r(ip the community twice as much as they are doing right now so that the community understands better how to deal with devs.

I have the luck of the entire community with me so I am thankful for that and I will keep doing the work that I am doing.

If you don’t wanna take out the money in the system, be my guest!

Cause that’s what gonna happen next.


Hello Arunadaybasu, we do not appreciate your presence in Agora as members of our community have expressed they would prefer if you refrain from participating in our discussions. I kindly ask that you respect their wishes and refrain from further engagement. Thank you for understanding.


I’m sorry, what? You make a sc(ammy governance platform to rip off investors’ money and then you turn this around on me?

I would appreciate it if the rest of the community got to know what kinda grifting is happening here. And I’ll ensure they do.

Sc(ammers galore.

And if you didn’t know, this is DECENTRALISED finance. You can’t specifically stop me from doing anything anywhere.

You can tell your centralization fanatic friends :fu:t2:

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Please refer to the Terra docs, I have provided you a link to help you understand more about LUNC.

You are referring me to something made by a guy who’s $50 billion debt WE are trying to service.

Are you serious about this that I need to comply with DK’s rules?

That’s surely what the centralization fanatics would like. And the Old Guard.

Also, if you didn’t know, the Terra Foundation does not exist. It literally does not have any legal existence. Check it up.

I hate to break it to you but there is no Sugar Daddy of this community.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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I know you mean well for the community cause you didn’t try to de(rail my prop in anyway even though I had de(railed yours just before that.

You asked the most constructive questions on it right in the beginning which were probably the most literate questions asked on the prop.

You are a better human being than I am and I accept that cause you have shown yourself to be better than me.

This is not the end of this plan. This is in fact the beginning.

The reason for my uploading the prop for a vote was to reach out to the larger community and look serious about it. I have achieved both.

I wouldn’t know about a customer base before launching a product, so I dunno who the future holders of the stablecoin will be, but there will be a stablecoin launched on Cosmos which allows arbitrage trading between the LUNC currencies.

I am quite sure people would be interested in arbitrage trades and I am already working on quite a few things for the community, including a dex for that.