Seems Do is open to suggestions?

I noticed a tweet (below) this morning and had a bit of hope on this. It did seem that Do is open to tweaking the plan, or at least open minded to discuss it.

Do, None of us want the FORK or any restructure! Most all of us and the market will support and push a Buy/Burn strategy. Everyone has the opp to avg down now with Luna and it can recover where everyone is happy. And let’s work to recover the UST holders.
Most of these viewed UST as Savings without a risk expectation. So let’s work to make them whole. Again, we and the trading market will support this. A simple trading tax on Luna going to UST support doesn’t require a total overhaul!

Simply lead us in a sensible direction! You could tell the UST holders to hang tight and we will work to restore the $ peg over the next weeks and months. They would be thrilled and so would the market.

It may not be easy these next few weeks, but the community and Terra will be stronger for it.

Imagine Luna trading at 50 cents and UST at 70cents??? Wouldn’t this be a much easier scenario to work from??? Buy and Burn baby, we are all ready to hear from you!!


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What if most of that the airdrop bucket went to people that held ust at both snapshots? Or the average of multiple snapshots where earlier snapshots are more heavily weighted?

1:00 AM · May 17, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

this means no free money for him and devs.
devs are supporting him for money and nothing else