Seigniorage Distribution Framework

Here is our attempt to provide a framework that would distribute seigniorage across dApps in an algorithmic way.

The goal of this paper is to describe the general frameworks and tradeoffs, rather than dive on the specifics of how it will be implemented on chain.

We will soon be providing our code, if anyone wants to expand on our current simulations. Seigniorage_Allocation_Framework.pdf (682.4 KB)


Here is google drive includes data, simulation code that used in seigniorage allocation framework.

The dataset is simulated right? Given harvest is still pretty early?

Yup the dataset is also simulated.

Can you give some examples of where tax contributions would come from in the case of the Harvest Wallet?

In the case of Chai, I completely understand where the tax comes from (it’s paid by merchants because it’s cheaper than current solutions), but for the Harvest Wallet I can’t imagine why they would pay such taxes…

Trying to figure out what types of apps could ultimately benefit from the Terra ecosystem seigniorage in a meaningful way, besides payments.