Send UST to multiple wallets with one transaction for gaming guild

Hi guys,

I’m one of the founders and owner of the Terrans Tribe, we are a play2earn gaming guild and currently have 950 players in our guild. Right now we are focused on Axie Infinity but we’re planning to expand to other games soon and potentially launch our own token.

We launched beginning of August 2021 and this month we will start implementing UST payments to our players. This means we will convert all the earned SLP from the players and pay them in UST on a monthly basis.

Right now that would be around $75k every month but one of the main issues we see is doing the actual payments. Does anyone here knows if there is a reliable tool that allows us to send UST to multiple wallets in 1 transaction? Ronin just launched their Scatter feature which makes payments easier but since we want to pay our players in UST, we will have to manually send 950 individual transactions in Terra station, which will take a lot of hours.

I know Kujira launched their product Beluga but it seems its limited at maximum 10 wallets to include for 1 transaction so we are looking for a dapp that can do much more.



Hi @Kanyewestofgaming, are you still looking for a solution to this problem? My team is developing something that I think can be extended for your needs. Happy to discuss more if you are still looking. Feel free to PM me.

Hey Beluga is going to be extended to many more wallets in the future I believe, but in the meantime, you’ll probably have to rely on some other dApp or tool.