Set Maximum Period a Tax Parameter Change can run


Update the core classic code with a new parameter for setting, a maximum tax change hight this would only allow up to a maximum of 3 months that the tax cannot be changed.


Currently, it only takes up to 2 weeks maximum to be able to chain the tax code, this is an issue for any potential dapps coming on chain as in 2 weeks the tax code can be changed, resulting in loss of business and an unstable eco system to build in. Allowing for a fix period will give new and existing dapps some stability with building on the chain and allow for enough time to review the Tax Parameter and its effect on the eco system


Update the existing code to set a maximum amount of time that the Tax can run for before it will no longer apply this will then allow for a proper review of the tax, and its effect on stabilising the eco system.

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This is a good proposal :muscle: We could even add a limit on the % we increase or decrease the tax. This issue needs more debate since the Tax affects every transaction!

I think better wording would be that we need to be able to vote on a minimum amount of time a tax is in effect for before we can vote to change it and a maximum amount of time a tax can be in effect before the community has to vote to re-authorize the tax otherwise the tax goes to 0%. The minimum amount of time prevents people from constantly changing their mind and being fickle and the world seeing a bunch of people who cant make up their minds and the maximum time makes ensures that a tax is still what the community wants.

That is a valid suggestion I will update the proposal with this when I can. I would suggest a maximum of 50% change. For the current 0.2% it can only go up to 0.3 and down to 0.1% what do you think about this?

I think the maximum and minimum percentage change I would support depends on what timeline we are locked in for a minimum vs. maximum (revert to 0 without re-affirmation) amount of time the change has to or can be in effect for.

great idea and needs to be polished to perfection.
otherwise we went to burning to 1.2 for a very long time and very quickly got out of it without reaching our goals.
it looked like a game

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@FreeDom2 - good point my friend :slightly_smiling_face: