So doesn't it make more sense to hold UST over LUNA for post-snapshot?

As per this calculator -

It seems to me that buying UST is actually more profitable than actually buying LUNA at this point for the 27th snapshot?

Am I mistaken?

Hell, if this is the case - I’m just going to sell my bag and turn it into UST -_-

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is ther any newer version of that excel? aUst is missing there right?

dude i posted about this days ago

Degenerates, I’ve got free alpha for you – $UST > $Luna if you want gains - General - Terra Research Forum

even this dev from TERRA told you to buy $UST

(1) Slippery Rick on Twitter: “I am bullish on $UST and accumulated heavily at <$0.05 - $UST holders owed compensation given implicit guarantee of $1 value - Low MCap (now $1.4B) = easier to buy supply + collateralize - Do Kwon is an XX billionaire outside of $LUNA, he can easily back it to end legal troubles” / Twitter

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