Solve serious problem, need of high impact safety rails

Most AMMs have safety rails to prevent swaps with high price impact. Regular users of other AMMs can and will be expecting such safety rails in and will lose funds. All other AMMs display expected price, not “pair price”. The displaying of “pair price” above the expected price leads to confusion. (I am a very experienced AMM user and lost a lot of funds this way. I have created another separate proposal called “Compensation price impact safety rail” about this.)

Yes, if one knows there are no safety rails and understands what “pair price” and “expected price” are, they possibly will never lose funds. Anyone who gets used to all other AMMs will likely one day lose funds in because when we make many transactions every day, we get used to checking certain signs to know if our operations are ok or not. We don’t have time to double check every single parameter to make sure everything is fine. It is similar to when we get used to our car turning off its lights automatically, we easily forget to turn off lights in a car that doesn’t, and we then find the car without battery. Luckily, that doesn’t cost us 20k.


  1. Display expected price above pair price
  2. Display price impact
  3. Display price impact in orange if above 3%
  4. Display price impact in red if above 5%
  5. Prevent swaps with price impact above 10% (If desired, users can simply perform multiple swaps in which the price impact is lower)

Proposal 167 “Price impact safety rail”

I know that many of you are now very rich, please consider taking pity on me and compensating some of the funds I lost. You can see the terrible swap here: 302BAF2AE014AD6BF3FCA43F265CE36E48A195A9EEA88DCF278E0DF15DB5B59E.
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(the website is not yet fully operational although I have been doing this work for a decade already you can see some of it at
You can see more of it here: Transition to a Shared World

Don’t we have Slippage Tolerance for that?

I thought so too but clearly it doesn’t work. I was told that there are two kinds of slippage, and the price impact slippage isn’t what is considered with the slippage tolerance of

I will also say that I have heard that someone swapped 400k aUST for 200k UST. If this is true that also clearly demonstrates the need for these safety rails.

Do you have the transaction for that aUST to UST swap?

No, I simply heard that happened and cannot confirm it.

What do you all think about this need for safety rails?