[SOLVED] Swap Contract error [execute wasm contract failed]

I am trying to generate a swap with the Luna-Bluna contract. I am not being able to correctly carry out the transaction to give luna and receive blunas. This is the last error I had and I can’t find the reason. In advance I thank who can guide me.

This is the error i get

terra_sdk.exceptions.LCDResponseError: Status 500 - execute wasm contract failed: generic: Native token balance missmatch between the argument and the transferred: failed to execute message; message index: 0: failed to simulate tx

This is my code

from terra_sdk.client.lcd import LCDClient
from terra_sdk.key.mnemonic import MnemonicKey
from terra_sdk.core.wasm.msgs import MsgExecuteContract

terra = LCDClient(chain_id="tequila-0004", url="https://tequila-lcd.terra.dev")
mk = MnemonicKey(" My seed Phrase")



wallet = terra.wallet(mk)

swap = MsgExecuteContract("My Wallet Address", "terra13e4jmcjnwrauvl2fnjdwex0exuzd8zrh5xk29v", {"swap": {"offer_asset": {"amount": "10000000","info": {"native_token": {"denom": "uluna"}}}}})
tx = wallet.create_and_sign_tx(

result = terra.tx.broadcast(tx)

I was able to fix it, I was missing an argument from MsgExecuteContract. Iḿ so happy.

what arg you forget ? I have same problem

you need to specify the amount of uluna to send with the transaction:

new MsgExecuteContract(
  "My Wallet Address",
    swap: {
      offer_asset: { 
        amount: "10000000", 
        info: { 
          native_token: { 
            denom: "uluna" 
+  { uluna: 10000000 }