SSI Solution for Terra

Hi Terra Community,

I am new to this forum but have been involved in Terra-related activity as a security auditor (Anchor protocol).

We are working on a Self-sovereign Identity solution called Signor. Early POC components ran using Ethereum as a ledger for identity registries, but we are currently looking for a more agile platform are evaluating Terra as an alternative.

The purpose of this post is to open a discussion on whether an SSI solution would be of value to the Terra ecosystem. It is not a financial application, but we think identity management is an important infrastructure component of any ecosystem.

Our system is designed to be compatible with the W3C DID Core specification (Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) v1.0).

The main idea of Signor is to have an open interoperable identity protocol with on-chain identity registries that allows a number of services to be built on top.

Our current POC has the following working components:

  • An on-chain DID registry that allows creating, deleting, and updating a DID, and adding public keys used for a number of purposes (authentication, electronic signature, encryption)
  • A DID-Auth authentication protocol that allows DID subjects to authenticate to a verifier
  • A zero-knowledge authentication scheme
  • A data timestamping service with zero-knowledge proof authorship claims. This allows DID subjects to prove authorship and integrity of off-chain data
  • An off-chain KYC service and data vault that may be used for certain applications if KYC is required/desired

We have a number of services in preparation, such as:

  • Secure access delegation to encrypted data
  • Verifiable credential wallet (for example University certificates) with zero-knowledge proof verification
  • Privacy-preserving electronic voting protocols

Here is a recording of a recent meetup on the subject: Hello Decentralization 2021 | Meetup about Data Ownership and SSI by Stefan Beyer from Cryptonics - YouTube (note that this still uses Etherum examples).

I am looking forward to your comments on this.