Station showing $0 balance

Just transferred Luna from BNB wormhole. Station wallet show 8.8 million Luna but wallet shows 0 USD. What’s going on?

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hey, what do you mean by “wallet” if not terra station wallet?

Sorry, I didn’t word that very well. Station wallet shows 8,8 billion Luna but says 0 USD.

Well, probably because Luna is 0 USD, now?

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8.8 million-billion luna should estimate to some amount of ust in terra station. got screenshot?

it doesn’t look like terra station wallet.
if it’s some other wallet - you will need to ask them why they show incorrect value.

It’s Terra Station wallet on iOS.

Do you want a full screenshot?

yes, full screenshot would be helpful.
there might be a display bug, but it will be registered with low priority for now as you understand.

do you still have an issue?

Its been doing it for both versions, andr/ios
If you look up your wallet in terra finder it shows the value. It must be a glitch

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Same issue here, probably just a glitch.

I’m still having same issue!! You? Is there a fix?

HI there.
I’ve been seeing an “ibc/18…” asset in my TWS and a “Failed to query balance” in other assets (aUST, ANC, bLuna, etc) since last friday.
Anyone w/ the same issue?

Yes, because these tokens don’t exist in the new chain.

That is not what that means at all. It means that the company’s wallets are excluded. Not Terra Station wallets.

40,000 Luna doesn’t qualify for an airdrop because it returns less than 1 Luna.

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Right, I have 600 DMs from people who didn’t bother to read anything and just expect me to do it for them!

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