Station Wallet LInux Native App

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to stake my Luna with my Ubuntu-based machine, however, I’m unable to do so. As of now Terra Station is available only for Windows & Mac. I tried doing it via web through by connecting my browser extension wallet, couldn’t do it that way either.

So, I’m wondering if the Terra team plans to launch a Linux native app for staking and other purposes? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s using Linux-based machine.

So, is there any roadmap for launching Linux native app for Station Wallet?

Thank you

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I am new to this ecosystem, and the fact that they Do Not Support LINUX makes me wonder if this
is a good COIN to get; it is 2021… no linux ?, that means “many” things, among them, are they planning to be alive 2 years from now ?, They can not be serious if do not support LINUX, even CARDANO that does nothing at all, support is… Strange, for me this is a RED FLAG… is this a serious enterprise ???

As advanced linux user (all linux users are advanced, I think) you can build it from sources :slight_smile:

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Dis true

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When I posted this topic, there was no android app at the moment. Now that there’s android app for Station Wallet, I have staked my LUNA in simple steps through the app. So, I’m not keen on Linux Native app anymore.

Sounds good!