Still waiting for that no confidence proposal to go up for vote

any day now.

It was rejected already

it doesn’t show in the prop history

rejected! Community remains confident in L1 despite the haters.

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Calling out the L1 team for their grift and ineptitude isn’t hate, it’s facts.

Making up BS is not to be confused with facts. Repeating BS still does not make it fact.
The loosers who keep trolling Agora and those who actually contribute to LUNC (cause dribbling BS is just that) should be punished for their FUD and banned from this community. I think you should be held responsible for your contribution in bringing down LUNC.

But I guess you got nothing else to do with your time. Above all things the endless time you invested in your rants in itself is so shamefully disqualifying exposing that really you have nothing better to do - we are all sorry for your miserable life.

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Oh you mean like Steve lying about Superman? Or not delivering Q1? Or being behind schedule for Q2? Or repeatedly delaying parity? Or poaching items from Bilbo’s prop, just to keep any other dev from becoming “competition”? Or taking bloated salaries for “managing” 3 people? Or going behind everyone’s back to validators in a closed room and asking for a 2/3 majority to implement blacklisting code that would’ve killed the chain’s immutability? Or centralizing the entire chain under the TGF, to the point all work and payments have to route through a private org, despite LUNC being a supposedly decentralized open-source project?

All of that is made up, eh?

Bitch please, it’s not FUD to call out problems with the chain’s “leadership”. What the rest of you are doing is much worse because none of the major problems are being fixed - all we get is bandaid “solutions” that will do more harm than good in the long run. You’re a dumb sheep, bro. People like you are the reason why this chain is falling apart - me calling out the grifters has nothing to do with that.

I have no power. I can only shine light on the cockroaches bleeding LUNC to death, but any and all negative price action is caused directly by the people who have control: Ed, Steve, Marco, Allnodes, other allied validators, the L1JTF, Tobias (up until Q2), and most of TR like Vegas, Raider, etc. They’re the ones who fucked LUNC to death with their shitty “management”. They’re the ones who took CP money. Blame them, not me, you fucktard.

I wouldn’t have to be ranting if you morons would hold the TGF and L1JTF accountable for their fuckups. There was a time I supported both, but months of their lies and grift turned me against them. Meanwhile dumb sheep like yourself still run defense for them. You have no brain. You have no conscience. You’re a stupid and passive cow sitting in place while getting milked to death.

I swear to G-d this “community” has the biggest retards in all of crypto.

No other chain is this dysfunctional while its holders praise corrupt and inept leadership.

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We agree on the retards and you are one of them dear fake Rabbi.
Creating FUD with the same old sole purpose of getting in on the action and taking a position of leadership - is not the same as serving the community. In fact you are part of the problem, you create FUD which is the opposite of any future or present leader of any chain does. Totally and utterly self disqualified.

You only serve your own ego, you represent the corruption and ineptitude. Start looking at your own actions and how you can add value instead of the constant dribble you put on others.

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The only truth is that we put up with a bitch like you. Some work needs to be done in this regard. There’s no end to bitches like you. We do not want to share the same fate with Thorcain.