Stoopid Repeg Plans

What happened to the 10+ USTC Repeg Plans that all the influencers of the community featured?

What happened to the Repeg?

Did you guys get ja(iled along with DK or did you di(e)?

What happened to the secret conversations you are having with Binance? Did CZ get burdened with Bitcoin work?

What happened to all the bullshit that you promised?

Are you feeling good after letting the community down? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Here’s one Indian racist peg plan.
Dude promised to print 40k into 10m.

And as any Nigerian prince - he just needed that one initial deposit.

But as to other plans - most are unviable. Like that one brilliant cloth shop owner who wanted to make an Indian rupee pegged coin. Clearly, dude doesn’t know we already have INTC.

Redlines prop is currently in progress and dependant on what CEX/DEX say about on-boarding it.

If you are able to read, then you know of it already. Maybe you aren’t capable of comprehension?

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So your idea of a repeg is to be blatantly racist and ignore factual events and instead pout since yet-another-unviable-plan was shut down.


Yeah I saw the validators decide for the community that it was non-viable :rofl:

And I can see the result of that.

We are literally at the exact same place for the last 3 months (I am not even showing that graph).

The USTC Repeg plan that I proposed could have given hope to the community and to this price.

Real human beings know what the validators have done for the last 3 months. They know what decisions they have taken. No one can do anything cause 25-35% of the the votes are institutional money. It’s not our money that we can go and vote for something. That’s useless and stoopid to even tell the community a lie about the votes and what the voting really is.

I participated in it being aware that the validators are the ones voting. If you see my comments on that prop post, you will see I am always addressing the validators. Cause I know perfectly well what this shitty governance is.

You are most probably some tr(o)ll profile of an influencer or a validator. That’s not very difficult to guess. If you are just an investor, then there is no use telling me anything cause the graph above is not cause of me.

It’s cause of the validators and the decisions they have taken. You can go and talk to them for reference to their votes.

Community told you to take a hike with a firm veto. The “hope” you mention was only in your mind. Also “hopium” does not equate to hype. :slight_smile:

Your vision was to achieve 10 million at some point. Bruh. Basic maths. To even go back to the Sept 9th high of '22, the chain would need to onboard a half a billion dollars.
10m is chump change.

Understand and respect the governance decision and get over it.

Your plan didn’t succeed on its own merits.Redlines did.
Be jelly. Be not. Same outcome. It’s getting repetitive in any case.

Oh sure… I respect it alright :upside_down_face: It’s visible how much respect I have for that decision.

Same respect is given to you.

What happened to the stoopid repeg plans and their proponents?

Did they d(i)e, that you are filling in for them? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Or they have no updates to give to the community so they remain hidden in some h(o)le?

You got money to speak for them? What’s the deal with you? How much are you getting paid per week?

And who’s paying you to shill for the validators? The validators themselves? Woah man. I don’t know what you got paid for but quite evidently, you are not doing the work properly :rofl:

Please, continue. You make such valid points.