Stop the Censorship: Unlock FatMan's Tiered Repayment Proposal Now

In a shameful act to sabotage the fastest growing community-based proposal on this site, someone made a throwaway account and posted an offensive reply which was used as justification for locking the thread. This is a blatant attempt at sabotage, which should not be permitted and isn’t the first. Why does Do Kwon’s proposal still have a pin on it? Why couldn’t the offensive poster just be banned and his post hidden instead of locking the whole thread and slowing down the discussion?

Please act in good faith and respect the voices of small UST holders who are asking for the restitution they are entitled to. Otherwise this entire governance site is nothing but a farce.


they, the old leaders gradually to the disaster of Luna are looking for a fork to regain ownership after running away and fooling all the investors and former holders. They continued to trick new holders into trying DCA to save Luna. Get rid of the fork option immediately with all your might, and boycott Luna v2 if it ever comes out because they’ll be printing Luna 2 and taking advantage of the community again.
The most important question right now: Where are the Bitcoins and Luna’s reserves and the Luna leaders are responsible for the destruction of the reserve and decided to print Luna on these investors…/

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Why the Terra hide Fatman’s post?? What a shame


Calm down. It was done automatically by the system because of a spammer. Fatman can talk to the admins on Discord once he wakes up.

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Let me ask, why DO KWON and his team are so quite?

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The same person/group keeps making the offensive posts but haven’t done so on Do Kwon’s thread. There’s also a thread on here explicitly calling for harm to be done to Do Kwon, yet that one is still unlocked and only the OP’s post has been greyed out.

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This increase my concern on the terra team, hiding behind the issues, in the meantime, trying to unvoice other proposals…

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the burn threads been around for less time and has more replies, also blocked because the spammer posted to that thread as well.

FatMan’s original thread has 2.8K replies but I agree with you that something needs to be done to protect all threads/proposals on here. His was just the first to be targeted. I’ve seen this play out in other projects and it never ends well.

More staggering irresponsibility from the Terra team. Thousands of lives and billions of dollars at stake and they don’t even bother to properly manage their own message board. Sadly not surprised.


I would also ask for unlocking my proposal that also got banned from the same reason. @terra admins what are you doing? XD


Shall we find another channel to discuss? There is this guy keep creating different user names like @dokwonisthebest @kwonisagenius , keep spamming other threads. Any suggested channels?

@Oak @w_ilder I agree. We cannot rely on this board, it is a major risk node to depend on it, although I would like to continue communicating here if possible. I am starting a Discord server right now as a backup if there is interest?

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Could you please post your discord channel here? I would like to join. thank you

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That’s a great idea. Hopefully once FatMan is awake he’ll be able to reach out to the Terra team about this with his discord connection, but we should have our own communication channels.

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Link below - rudimentary at the moment but it’s a start:

These censored proposals can repost new title and proposals as outlined copied in full (if have access to copy paste em) otherwise rewritten and save a local copy for future if need be :wink:

I would say as long as they dont stop the shitpost, they can block new thread again. better to use another channel

Good point. Maybe someone can mobilize social media folks. Not I, I’ve done too many drunk postings burning bridges :wink:

The 4 hour automatic unlock just expired and before anyone had a chance to post anything, with seconds remaining, it was extended another 4 hours. This is a disgrace. Where are you @dokwon?