Stop Thinking about Money

We need to made the station neutral,

first of all erase the American Flag on USTC logo.

Less nationalist possible, our flag is the Terra. ( if we want to have a flag )

Using terra its mean be Terrestrial, so we decide the sort of the planet all together.

The vote got be under IQ calculation.

Before made people vote we need to know identity and IQ level.

We can know that asking simple question regarding the argument or the pool we are going to initiate.

Thanks for now

Let me know what you think

I think the opposite ~ start thinking about money and protect community funds and design the Lunc core to be the best money all other money can buy, and, fly that flag that represents Federalism ~ unity & autonomy (decentralization) ~ high!

@ClaudioGranucci I would suggest that you create some alternative USTC logos, and then post a poll here in Governance & Proposals to determine which logo is the most popular. Also include the original logo in the poll to determine if users want to keep the existing logo. If it looks like there is going to be majority support for a new logo, then submit a proposal.

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