Suggestion to reduce supply

Suggestion to create a Lunc Card, making the coin useful and significantly increasing burns:

The proposal aims to create a debit card for initial use by the LUNC community, which can be extended to other people, thus allocating a small fee from user purchases for LUNC burns or even for creating projects and paying developers salaries. With which currency?

With fiat currency due to volatility. And even if the coin price increases, the fees can be used to pay developers and build even more projects to increase burns. If there was a way to use it without the user losing it, then it would be good to recharge with the coin. The only one I know of that has a solution for this using their own currency is XRP, but I have no idea how it works. Therefore, the ideal would be a rechargeable card with fiat coins for any user who wants to and knows LUNC use, knowing that it will be helping with the burnings. 2.5 for 500.00 I think it’s an acceptable value, it could be even less depending.

Binance, for example, has a card like this and manages to reverse a fee in cashback, if there was a way to generate this cashback but not going to the user, I think it would be a good thing, because it would not be losing anything.

I imagine that maybe it’s not something so easy to implement, but the return would certainly make up for it.

They could partner with a company or even a centralized brokerage. For example, in Brazil, there are even two companies that already work with cryptos, which are lemmon and Ripio. There is also where the card can be recharged with cryptos.

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I’m all for a LUNC debit card. I imagine with fiat involved there could be KYC requirements to get it done, and possibly localised to certain regions. Like USA LUNC debit card, EU, AUS, UK etc. It’s one of my longer term goals for LUNC as it will help with utility with ease of use of LUNC. The only crypto cards I know of seem to be region restricted. Seems like a big effort to get it going, possibly significant costs to establish I’m not sure. Something to definitely consider for the future of LUNC.

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