Suggestion to require minimum deposit to create a new proposal

In response to the recent spamming of proposals in Terra Station, I’m putting these questions to the community:

  1. Is it possible to make creating a new proposal require a minimum amount of deposit?

  2. Is it something that is needed to prevent spamming of proposals?

As of this writing, there were 53 proposals created in the “Deposit” section of the Governance module in Terra Station (see attachment). Most (if not all) of them are nonsensical. While they are not in the voting stage (due to the lack of deposit), their presence creates clutter and prevents legitimate proposals from getting the attention of stakers.

More importantly, the deluge of spam proposals creates confusion for people new to Terra and casts doubt as to the authenticity of Terra Station (perhaps mistaking mainnet for testnet).

Clearly the gas fee needed to create a proposal has not deterred the creation of spam proposals. Is there a need to review the proposal mechanism to prevent such a situation from reoccurring?


@cheeze I believe this proposal has merit.

Since reducing the minimum LUNA voting deposit, I too have noticed an influx in spam and illegitimate proposals hoping to get a crumb of support to reach this 50 LUNA level.

Maybe create a 5 LUNA minimum - or we could shorten the expiry to 7 days unless it meets a 5 LUNA deposit. If it does, then it extends to 14 days expiration.

Worth discussing?

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Yeah way too much gibberish in the proposals right now which makes it difficult to separate noise from signal.

Would think that 5 LUNA minimum should be the simplest in terms fo execution, and deter any spam proposals…

I’m not sure it’s supported.
see Parameters | Cosmos SDK
I’m hoping one of the core devs will know a way

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That was what I was afraid of. If there is no such option, the discussion is moot.

at the very least, could there be a UI element that filters out micro-deposit-size proposals?

sort of like the “hide small balances” button

It might also hide legit proposals that do not have the funds to cross the bar. If the bar is set too low, then it will not have the intended effect.

Seeing that the proposal spam seems to be getting worse, and it’s quite literally coming from one address, I fully support having a minimum deposit.

Maybe the simplest way to tackle this is to charge proposal creation a higher fee? 1 LUNA for example.

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Seeing so many of these spam proposals and a large number are coming from one wallet, they are creating several proposals a day and most of them are total gibberish

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Thanks everyone who pitched in.

To clarify, the minimum deposit feature is already there. It serves a different function (making proposals available for voting as compared to creating the proposals). The minimum deposit is currently set at 50 LUNA.

I believe that the idea is to increase the hurdle to creating proposals. As @petes-fan-club mentioned above, there doesn’t seem to be a parameter for the creation of proposals (Parameters | Cosmos SDK) which makes this idea infeasible. He suggested in the validator Discord channel that a solution might lie with modifying the UI of Terra Station.


I think the fastest and easiest way to solve this problem is to have an optional filter in the front-end, hiding proposals with a low deposit (e.g.: a button to hide proposals with less than 10% deposited).

This way no changes need to be made on the blockchain, and a solution could be implemented very quickly.

Is the source code open for It wold probably take a few hours for a front-end dev to come up with a pull request with this change.