Supernova Money - a savings app for the EU powered by Anchor

Hello community!

We want to share the app we are working on: Supernova.
Our purpose is to make decentralized finance high yields accessible to everybody, including people who are not tech savvy or don’t know about blokchain and cryptocurrencies.

In short, we want people to just download the app, deposit money and start earning. No frills.

Terra blockchain, with its stablecoins, and Anchor Protocol, with its stable yield, are the perfect building blocks for our application and by bringing more liquidity to the ecosystem and demand for its stablecoins we believe we can contribute to the success of Terra.

We are based in Italy so we target the Euro market. Managing the exchange rate risk of deposits denominated in UST is going to be a challange, but we firmly believe that the only way to make EUT a viable alternative to UST is to build demand for it with useful applications.
Europe is now leading the world in blockchain transaction volume, after China banned Bitcoin, so there’s definitely a market for EUT.

This is our website, where you can sign up to stay up to date and be the first to get access to the beta when it launches:

If you like the project and want to support us please sign up and share with your friends, we would really appreciate it!

Feel free to ask any question here in the comments, any feedback is also very welcome!

The Supernova team

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