Swap Migration Tools

Swap Migration

What’s the idea:
Open possibility of swap between LUNC and LUNA2
Via the swap system, the investor who wants to, will be able to exchange his tokens from classica to the new TERRA at a ratio of 1000:1.

How to make:
Create a hash where all the exchanges made would accumulate. This hast would be zeroed, burned every 3 days.
The result of the exchange, LUNA2 would be sent to the wallet of the investor who used the service.
These new LUNAS would be staked on TERRA 2.0 for 7 days in the vesting section. After this period, it would be automatically made available in the investor’s portfolio for unrestricted use, fully released.

What is the purpose:

  1. Reduce suply LUNC to the same value in USTC
  2. Restore USTC 1:1 USD value

What’s the Result:

  1. Increase adherence to Terra 2.0
  2. Satisfy the Greeks and Trojans

Even if the investor sells immediately after the 7 days, we would have enough time to see the USTC recover along with the LUNC. And as a conclusion, we would not only have greater adherence to Terra 2.0 as well as the recovery of lost values ​​and their assets at the most acceptable level.


I don’t, Luna2 should be owned by the community

Great idea.Need maximum offer support!

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I’m almost thinking the same thing although not a token swap but make LUNC/ USTC somehow a mining tool for LUNA 2.0 if that’s possible since Do Kwon doesn’t seem to have any future plans for classic anymore. This could also motivate serious investors bullish with Terra’s future projects with 2.0. But I don’t really know ho that’s possible tho lol

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Relax, be more happy!

Note: I would like to add that I thought of all the opportunists on duty to propose this… In case they buy LUNC to take advantage, they would be helping even more with the LUNC PRICE going up, consecutively the USTC:wink:
This time it will be the opposite, everyone buying… to take advantage of the promotion that will last until the LUNC value reaches 1 USD… maybe even 2 USD… A “magic” will happen, if this proposal is approved. I would call it the Spiral of Life!

And most LUNC investors will stop selling them… to wait to reach 1 USD or more… Simple and Easy for everyone… meanwhile, our wonderful infrastructure and development team, led by Mr. Kwon , is firmly in completing and carrying out the full migration to TERRA 2 and all other protocols…
The new UST will be stronger than the dollar itself :wink: I’m directly participating in it…
God Job everyone!
God Bless you

Lunáticos Lunatics LUNAS for ladies!
It’s all tied up, I want to see the clown will try his luck in wanting to harm us now… Do you know why? Because I am the Son of David and I am here to defend the Terra :wink: Who will be the useless one that will try to challenge us?

To make it even better, whenever LUNC drops below 1 USD the Swap Migration service will be activated, and when it reaches 1.01 USD it will be deactivated

I want to see all protocols and delegates that have been faithful so far migrating to Terra2.0 in 30 days at most… A wish…

This is actually part of my plan, but not involving new Luna or TFL.

Creating a sister token with a limited supply of x million, and converting LUNC to it.

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Everyone makes their own porridge, only they need to eat it later… You see, it’s everyone’s life… Everyone is Free in Jesus’ name!

About Porridge:
If it’s fuim, don’t ask me to eat, if it’s good, you won’t invite me to eat :wink: this is Old World life!
Indeed, someone will have to eat this porridge Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
God Bless you, have a great weekend

3 Things You Can’t Buy:

  1. The Life (Your soul)
  2. The Love (His will)
  3. The Time (His Spirit)

Because these gems are given and inherited from our Heavenly Father! But his wanna this 2…3…n times…multiplied back! :wink:
Don’t forgot you Heavenly origins…never!
May the force be with you, Forever!

The Love :wink: bind us

I’m Sagittarius, my name is Leonardo, and I want a sincere woman willing to build an empire to be my Queen and live the love story never lived, read or written.
Let my LUNA Float On between 90…100 USD and the empire will arrive sooner :wink:
If you are that Woman, take my hands and come!

I left my 23 years of Abap and SD in the SAP world to join forces… here! It’s 35 years in technology, directly linked to programming, analysis and development of solutions…
I’m available to add wherever you need, count on me!
With a lot of baggage in multinationals from every branch of business…
Detail, I don’t have a college degree, just proven experience :slight_smile:

Nominal Essence X Referential Essence X Trust Essence
:wink: new currency stuff … wait…

Só um comentário… Gostei da adaptação do Protocolo Astro diferenciando as cores em relação as redes… Sensacional, Parabéns!
Pelo visto, parece que o fork é inevitável e já seguiremos pelo caminho da separação. Oxalá permita que tudo termine bem para todos!
Abraço, câmbio final!

Burn 123.991.764.705,8824 of LUNC by week to restore his life!



I have observed and acted in the binance and ftx trades, follow my code to give that strength to the brother here in his operations… we all win :wink:

So, I realize that the selling force is gigantic, horrible for us… crazy thing… Only the burning of LUNC and Migration to LUNA will save the 2 blockchains… We need that good old teamwork… …
Activate full burn function, with or without migration…

We need Spectrum, LOOP, Orion and Anchor to be fully ready for the 2 blockchains… Hurry up my dears