Terra Classic Recovery Acknowledgement Opportunity-Signaling Proposal

Thanks for the efforts. my take is Grants program should focus on utilities dApps grant requests only

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The main problem we have is the supply first think to burn all this first is unfair to burn our own bags since is so much supply floating out there.
The unused supply must be deemed as unclaimed and develop a code to be able to burn this on chain.This is what we need the most to bring down the supply at reasonable levels

To burn what?The 4 milion dollars wallets?

At present, there are only over 1.2 billion LUNCs in the community pool. All the decoupled projects can be evaluated for performance, and the large ones can be donated for rewards. However, the community pool cannot be emptied out, half of the LUNCs can be allocated and the remaining LUNCs can be rewarded for future projects.More projects should be developed to help communities destroy large amounts of Lunc, so strict checks should be made to prevent the embezzlement of community assets.

The Luna Classic Community Pool was created to encourage new products.And now you propose to distribute coins for past achievements. So the original purpose of the community pool was a scam!! Dal’she nachnete razdavat’ monety za dostizheniya 2020-2021?))

If developers seek acknowledgement, compensation and funding, then make use of the Community Pool. Thats what its for, right? If we now use just about all of what’s in it, there wont be anything left for new project fundings. This basically means cashing out (to me).
Don’t get me wrong, I do agree that the developers need to be paid, but not this way.

This is quite literally a cash grab. The go ahead nod given by a select few validators who view themselves as above the peasantry, to “developers” who have not accomplished anything. Oh but when you question them they will ride the coattails of LUNC mooning to 0.0006, and go knows they’re “hard at work coding”. Pathetic. This is an obvious NO.

The initial proposal from @ek826 to justify the “Terra Classic Grants Program”: Promote Chain Utility via Establishment of the Terra Classic Grants Program

The first proposal from the “Terra Classic Grants Program”: Terra Classic Recovery Acknowledgement Opportunity-Signaling Proposal

In the article A Path to Recovery for Luna Classic authored by @ek826 himself we can read:

"One of the most common questions that I have encountered in the past several months is, “why are you doing this?” Unfortunately, this question reflects the mistrust and skepticism that plagues the crypto community. To answer this question, I am reminded of destructive natural disasters that cause fatalities and billions of dollars in damage. In the wake of these disasters, volunteers respond to help the survivors rebuild and restore their community. Most people would think it absurd to ask one of the volunteers why they are helping.

So, my question back is, “if you could help, why wouldn’t you?” If there ever were a need for volunteer workers in a digital disaster, this is it and the time is now. The Terra collapse is comparable in scale, where over $60 billion in value was destroyed and people lost their lives and their livelihoods. Let’s not lose sight that behind the technology there are people, and ultimately that is the foundation driving this recovery."

Questions for @Marco_Ferreira and @ek826:

  • If you were trying to help for free and this was “the foundation driving this recovery” why are you now asking to pay for the work done during this recovery ?

  • How does paying work which happened in the past (supposedly done for “free”) helps promoting “chain utility” ?

Thank you

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Hoping to see things speed up soon with the proposal going though. And with TGF pitching in to do the initial review, expect to have more transparency on valid projects that will launch in LUNC chain.