Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

Yesterday it was at ~.10c though its only ~10% of inital, quite alot have lost 100% and still sitting on their funds (myself included) so my question is, should the people who took their funds offchain to further depeg Ust, which would increase this bankrun, get the same as thoughs who didnt, there is no easy way arround it, though i also dont belive a simple snapshot of pre depeg while others took profit, compared to thoughs who didnt and actually attempted to help the community by not being one of the runaways.

You have to use fork and save the community, the ecosystems and people.

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Luna stake holders must get the most ownership!

A blockchain should not “roll back”. That’s the end of trust in a blockchain.
The whole idea of a blockchain is that it’s trustless an immutable.


Just keep the Luna alive burn as much as you can, change the mechanism and keep alive luna blockchain

In my view, there are better proposals than the one proposed (both yours and Terra Labs’). They go along the lines described here: The Most Rational Path Forward for LUNA (3 Simple Steps) - #28 by S_123 and The only solution for a fair fork

Pray that Luna will return to at least $ 1 sometime. It will be a very long and winding road

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you must have alot of bitcoin or something. sell them and buy lunas back. and burn them. millon of people suffering cuz of your miss leading. so help them to recover.

Excuse me, are those who deposited UST in Anchor and held aUST before being attacked (UST is still deposited in Anchor now). Are they eligible for the second point of UST holders and receive a distribution of 400M?thx


LUNA gets minted and burned to protect the UST peg: that’s not something you complain about: everyone knows it. If UST is dead, no worries, crypto deposits are money you can afford to lose, right? If you don’t like that this happened, then I understand, and I accept you as you are.

If we get any coins back out of this mess, it will be a blessing :innocent:

I am with this proposal. Do i hope you continue to be with this community as a lead figure or as an anon. The rebirth of terra would not be the same without your vision.
You are a good man. Most defi leads would have defected by now, and gone into hiding. Please dont fall into the influence of your critics. The community knows the good you have done and we will always be here for you.


yeah that what should have been done. and maybe they increase fees. so with fees you can keep gathering money and buy back luna and ust so price will be stable.

Okay, sure stranger we don’t know. The team is literally the one that wrote this proposal.

I respect you believe you are very intelligent Do but right now everyone including you is saying that the #luna is dead but luna’s maket cap has reached $1B since you stopped minting more coins which shows people are still very much interested in the project.
I think if you announce a token burn in next few days and no more minting of the LUNA, it’s price will definitely sky rocket again.
I know you’re heart broken about people losing their life savings in UST, but right now we need to tell everyone that the Luna is here to stay and to do that we must burn the tokens and concentrate the circulating supply.
Token buy back and burn is the only way out.

Well if that is the case than you should definitely not complain that someone bought millions of Luna for 20$.

You bought this with the hope to earn more. This was the wrong investment decision.

I bought Luna on Jup.ag on the solana network and now it’s in my phantom wallet!! How do we get the new airdrop? Will wormhole be able to sort this out? or we need to transfer it to somewhere?

This proposal doesn’t look like he is heartbroken about people’s losses. He looks more like finding ways to recover his own losses.


Eth and Btc did lol