Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

The community wants: 6T Luna burn


No no this is very bad, you should isolate only Luna from ust, do not think about creating a new currency, this is a destruction of the first currency, this is a loss of confidence in Luna institution, it will lead to a bigger and greater collapse, think well, this is an unhealthy step, the most appropriate solution is to buy from Display, burn and isolate luna from ust.
This proposal is not in the interest of the Luna community, that you’re only in your favor.
The result is the biggest collapse of the first to the point of disappearance and raise issues against you.

Must be separated only between Luna and ust, and start burning Luna is all this community will not be satisfied with this proposal, a society that understands what will happen this proposal application.

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Hey Fatman, this is all over my head. Just a thought, maybe you can pass it along in a cleaner more sensible fashion. Do you think there is a way to keep the current chain, no fork, Keep UST but turn it into sort of a real live test net, limiting investor exposure to 5 or 10% of there invested holdings at a time. Thus giving a reason to keep the current chain and stable coin and hope, for lack of a better word, that a workable stable coin could still be viable. This way, Terra could still get real time-real world use and data from UST and also adjust algo on the fly without losing 100% of people funds… It would bring back value to the luna token and they could increase the exposure limit over time as they real world test it. Talk about bringing the community together to be part of the testing and sacrifice… hope this makes sense

And it is also not clear what ratio they will apply to Luna holders. I mean 100M of new Luna is allocated to Luna holders after the attack. So, if I own 10M Luna, will it be

100M/7T = 0.000014 x 10M = 140 new Luna coins?

140 @0.0002 current price = $0.028? Seriously???

I might as well sell the 10M tokens for $2000!!!

I used UST on many LPs on Osmosis and I am just hoping that I can see something back from my initial investment, I still hold a great amount of UST

theres another thread named [Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2]
(Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2)

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Why do you think they are trying to control/suppress the conversation?

Please do something to help people who invested in UST and LUNA on IBC chains such as Osmosis and Crescent. They have the capabilities to provide snapshots of staking, LPs and everything in between. When the de peg occurred, tens of millions on Osmosis alone was wiped out, my money included. I believe these people deserve some form of compensation, as long as other supports/holders are getting them. Terra and Osmosis are part of the Cosmos family

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I invested all my life savings into Anchor trusting on Terra and UST.

Unfortunatrly I sold at huge loss at $0.20 as I could not watch it go to zero and not do anything. It was my life savings!!!

Please dont just ignore who had trusted on UST. But it was not what i had had signed for. Stable is stable not volatil…

a snapshoot of the UST holders before the depeg event too paying everyone with the fees. Thats all we want, starting with the small wallets… etc…


I had most of my savings $2,500 in Terra UST, now they became less then $200, it’s really painful to see.

To be honest I didn’t get what Do Kwon suggested as a recovery plan. Are they going to make 1 UST equal to $1 again? Or they gave up on UST completely?

I really want my $2,500 back…

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Were there cases before where court returned money to the Crypto currency holders?

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Hello friends. The only way to save Luna and all of us is to reduce the number of Luna. Some people say that Luna should be burned, but the big problem is the high number of Luna produced. Compensate or perhaps spend more to reduce the value of lunas in exchange offices. In other words, with the money that lfg has, reduce the price of lunas and bring it to the price of 0.0000001 in exchange offices. Only lfg considering the financial capacity Which has the power to do so because to reach this price of $ 500 million and a coordinated team is needed to achieve this goal. The price of Luna should be reduced so that all the people who have taken advantage of this problem and buy And they have accumulated Luna, they have no hope to return to Luna and sell their Luna. Then there are 325,000,000,000, which is in the cycle, but most of it is in the possession of lf g, and it is possible to burn the lunas and reach the real price. Use to strengthen the UST and also to compensate the people who have suffered losses in this severe fall. Only to achieve this goal, three basic principles must be observed. Do not go deep and again some people are not looking to buy Luna and take advantage of this situation, 2: A professional group should be used to control the market and reduce the price of Luna, 3: lfg Do not worry about losing the money spent for this work Because this is the only way to save our system and credit, and finally this amount is enough by collecting lunas from the market for lfg money needed to compensate the victims and also return the credit to the system. Please comment if you agree with me. And if you see any problems in this solution, let me know. Thank you for reading my solution

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:-1: Completely disagree with this plan, literally not one single user asked you for a new protocol - yet thousands pleaded to get their life savings back. This new protocol idea is a result of your wishful thinking to somehow continue your legacy.


I was curious if this happened before

Dear Do
At Binance, I spent all my assets buying UST many times with UST price higher than 1$ because I thought it was a stablecoin

But I sold out for $0.098 and lost more than 91% of all my assets.
I hope you will interact with binace to distribute to people who bought UST before UST price dumped.
I have nothing left, depressed and want to end my life after losing that money.


I don’t know if it was or not, but my lawyers are studying all my transactions and are interested in the case. Не знаю было ли нет, но мои юристы изучают все мои транзакции а адвокат уже интересуется делом.


Not all of us can afford lawyers you know…

They’re moving forward with a fork.

If you bought the dip, you’re going to get shafted bigtime.

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Then in time for the hearing of the case in court, you can be witnesses as a victim. Тогда вовремя слушание дело в суде, вы можете быть свидетелям как потерпевший.

I same u,i lost my all money .i fell like u.