Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan

I do agree. Hence, to avoid this thing ever happen so easily in the future. UST should be fairly distributed. So it wont make the price plumming so fast when the selling pressure come.

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I, along with many people I know, invested a significant portion of our life savings in UST thinking that it was a stable coin. Call us stupid, call us ill-informed, but we were the more conservative ones who preferred stablecoins over regular cryptos, unfortunately thinking our money was relatively safe in UST. With the de-peg, our lives have been destroyed.

Please compensate the retail investors who are victims of this situation, rather than running away to create another fork. How can you sleep at night knowing that you’ve hurt the lives of so many? The funds you have left will make a big difference to low level UST holders. Please save us.



It’s going to take forever to burn the 6T


What do you guys think of,

We Fork…

All Luna holders get the same number of tokens they currently hold. They roll over to v2. Like when normal chains fork. Take bitcoin for example. When it forked all users got the same amount of coins. This way it’s fair. This way it gains value. New Luna token should have no more then a max circulating supply of 6.5billion tokens(it could even be less then that).

We start raising money. Then we can do other things aswell.


Just a thought.

thx sunny

You are forgetting the people that tried saving luna prior to the network halt to cater to degens that were draining the project all day. The people that tried helping need to be treated better than the degen that received millions for 30 dollars.

Hi @EdKraftman ,

Thank you for all your support - the proposal 1597 - Proposed Recovery Plan (Proposal 1597), in response to the comment that the proposal is taken from, is now formally open for voting. For some reason it is not showing in Terra Station > Governance > Voting, but I have a support ticket in for that.

The link to vote (if you would like) is here:

I hope you are having a great day :slight_smile:

Totally agree

Get CZ as partner. He has cash and can help now, later he will sell.and get back.his.money with interest.
Luna and ust needs some changes but the quality is high so save them. No fork.
Call cz!


Did you guys read this?


OMG. Just as we expected.

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20% post attack,… it should be 5% post attack and 25% pre-attack… you should pay more respect for people who lost their life savings in a stablecoin… MAN… in a stablecoin!!

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Busd 34k luna coin was now 10k

This puts in the same basket people purchasing UST at 0,90$ (in the earlier phases of the de-peg event, as a support for the stressed UST burring process) and people who speculated and bought UST at 0,1$ from desperate seller.
This does not seem fair in any way, and I think different snapshots should be taken at different times, and weighted for the average price of the day.

Has this been discussed/updated elsewhere? Can I have a link to the discussion, if I missed it?

Yeah, it’s already out in the Korean news media.

I have a link here if you wanna read.

Just use google translate.

It turns out. Don’t listen to the voice of the community. Still go your own way. Make a fork decision and give you worthless money. What is the meaning of bifurcation? I think forked Luna can still be the same as before. impossible. Because you lost trust. Luna is worthless. No one will buy a new Luna. Because of a bifurcation. There will be the next bifurcation. Luna has been abandoned… Bifurcation is not desirable. Only burning. Remove the UST hook and casting mechanism from the Luna contract. This is the right choice. Get Luna out of trouble. To make up for the holders of UST. Because now the market has a high consensus on Luna. However, this is only for Luna. Not UST. There is so much consensus. Luna will get better soon. This is the best way. You need to find out the cause of illness. Then treatment. Instead of directly labeling death. Then give up Luna.


No Fork. Want burn 6T supply.


Ok, let’s forget for a second that forking is extremely fishy and is giving up some ponzy vibes…

Why would LunaV2 prevail where LunaV1 failed?


the fork penalizes everyone, only burning makes recovery fair and possible

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And only burning will restore trust.

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In my opinion the best way to fix this shit is to pull LUNA price to $1 by burning LUNA extra supply and then give an option to UST holders to change 1 UST to 1 LUNA.
Because UST was the stablecoin.
This can fully return the value to all UST holders.
But not to LUNA holders - after all it`s simply impossible.