Terra grants - do they exist?

Hi everyone,
I would like to write a grant proposal for Terra blockchain. Unfortunately can’t find a proper links to do so. On the official website https://terra.money in the footer there is a link called “Grants” and it’s linked to Terra Money - Grants. “grants-old” makes me thinking, but there is another link " For more details, check out the link here", and this one doesn’t work.

Are there any official grants program currently running?
Thanks in advance!


Hi @terra, could you please help me to find a person who is in charge of Terra grants program?
Also I’m not sure where this website bug (mentioned above) should be reported?


Hi @rafal-atomiklabs.io :wave:

Thanks for your question. Terra has undergone a significant overhaul to the Terra Grants Program — so we appreciate your patience as we work to update our websites! The following is accurate as of March 2022:

If you have any questions, you can reach out to @JQuantAnalytics on Twitter or Telegram with questions.

Thanks again!


Please reach out to @JQuantAnalytics for questions regarding the Terra Grants Program!

(And thank you for reporting the out-of-date link — we’re working to update it now :smile:)

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Awesome, thanks a lot!

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Hi @Quant ,
Thanks to your input I was able to send my grant proposal last week.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any confirmation that this proposal was received. Also I have sent a message on telegram to “@JQuantAnalytics” but no response neither.

Could you explain me roughly the Terra process behind this?

  • What’s the average time for the initial feedback?
  • Would I be informed if grant proposal is rejected?
  • Any other processes that may be helpful?


Rafal, thank you for submitting. Your grant has been received. I am @JQuantAnalytics and have responded to your message accordingly.

To address your questions above:

What’s the average time for the initial feedback?

You should receive a response within 1-2 weeks of submitting. Right now, the Terra Grants team has been handling a large backlog of requests, so apologies for the delay there.

Would I be informed if grant proposal is rejected?

Yes, you will receive an email indicating rejection, acceptance, or amendment of your proposal. “Acceptance” or “Amendment” will trigger a request to schedule a meeting to discuss further.

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Hi @Quant,
I got your message on Telegram.

Thank you for this process clarification ^^

Thank you, @rafal-atomiklabs.io!

Please reach out if you should have any further questions. Thanks again!

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