Terra Pay P2P Platform

as i m a user and i m not a developer i want to share a raw Idea more refine able
what’s yours opinions about this Idea I
have also A Idea my be is better or not we have to make a Dapp,s with escrow dispute system for Lunc similiter to P2P work able around the world for sending payment and receving also have some more good functions like staking or purchase anything from amazon using LUNC through our App with Afflation on community n refrals link like its have to more fine tune but i was thinking like this and there lot off genius peoples there i Call this Terra Pay or Pay Terra (alternate to pay pal freedom on economics this possible or note if something missing or ho it can better


The use of Lunc tokens in any banking operations is necessary and very useful.
It is necessary to negotiate with large payment systems, banking groups and retail chains on the use of Lunc tokens in settlements.