Terra Station for Everybody

It is strange that no one from the Terra Labs management team was interested in these ideas. Everyone is discussing the incineration commission, and the idea that has a global impact and is really capable of turning the whole world is being postponed.


Currently I know that we have access to:

Terra Station (legacy, not maintained) - 3rd party owner TFL
Keplr - 3rd party
Interchain Station - 3rd party owner TFL. Maintained and updated.
ToxicLabs Station/Classy Station/Lunc Station etc - clones of Terra Station (see above, legacy)

Only Rebel Station is actually community owned and recently released in full.

This being a chain that strives towards decentralization and having multiple 3rd party wallet options and none “official” - this idea would need to be proposed in conjuction with a wallet provider that actually works on the chain (TFL is not part of Terra Classic chain). Although, you could propose this idea for their Interchain Station on appropriate Luna 2.0 Agora as Interchain does support LUNC as well.


Bro, did I understand you correctly that Agora Classic has nothing to do with TFL?

It turns out that people build for themselves, but TFL builds for itself. And as far as I understood you, Terra Station is their product and they do what they want in it?

And the main person responsible for this is in prison?))))

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Before TFL, you had LFG running Terra v1.
After the crash, Kwon proposed a fork as the only recuperation of funds.

New legal body - TFL - took over the assets of LFG. Including Terra Station.

Due to TFL working on Interchain Station (a central hub for Cosmos and beyond), it made no sense to support Terra Station.

There’s no public information what structure TFL has and if Kwowns existence is important to TFL or not - so can’t comment on that part.

But as a side, if you propose a 35 million USD Facebook copy - you should do just a bit of research.
It’s a quick Google that can tell you more.


Please don’t compare this to Facebook because it’s the worst thing in the world ))))

It was proposed as a terra rebels community project and these improvements can be made if desired. The community must first come to a consensus on this issue and of course agree to work with terra rebels.

Guys, is there someone here who knows how to contact the developers of Terra Station?

Let’s not work on burning LUNC, but on its application so that people use it in their daily lives, only then it will be organic growth.

And commissioners, swappers, that’s all good, but we still don’t have an answer to the main question, what is the LUNC token for? Where to apply it? So far, it’s just useless candy wrappers. If we build an ecosystem that will give people the opportunity to use the Token to exchange goods, services, virtual values, etc. is the key to everyone’s success.

I understand that it is unrealistic to collect the entire amount for the project at once, but let’s at least start with one direction? For example, let’s give people the opportunity to create profiles, create content and post it, and replace likes with LUNC tokens, I described this in more detail in my presentation.

I ask everyone to study this and think, because we can all gain financial independence in the future!!!

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I still do not understand why no one has implemented this idea. Everything is just as simple and obvious, but in reality everyone is only concerned with burning, and not with the actual use of the token.

Perhaps the fact that this chain has no money to begin with?

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Whoever in crypto says, “I’m not interested in money at all” is lying. When it comes down to it, crypto is all about money. You’re saying $35M USD is needed for this? I first want you to take a look at the community pool and I want you to take a look at your own proposal. Using the term “imagine if” is not applicable when discussing implementations.

I’m also unsure how you even came up with the number $35M USD though that sounds extremely absurd.

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bro, I’m not asking for money for myself, I roughly calculated how much it could cost so that it would be easier for developers to estimate the costs and efforts

I give this idea to someone who is ready to implement it, if it is implemented - the price of LUNС will skyrocket in a natural way and there will be a constant demand for it

and yes, I do it for the money, but only for the sake of those 10 million LUNС that I have on Staking, because when the coin rises, it will feed every staker for life

Please tell me who leads the Terra Station development team? How can they be contacted?

Terra Station is in legacy mode.
TerraC Vita is the one hosting it.

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How about cards with lunc coins, paying for coffee in vending machines, or passes to an amusement park, tourism, who already has his own ready-made business? Are you ready to put lunc coins into your business, and calculating them, is to give rise to a web of values of various industries, from consumers to producers, if so, a separate team is needed to serve such customers who are ready to put our coin into their business.

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up up up

this is Ammazin Idea i was thinking About it in more bigger Scenario but you also get almost this is Awsome 35M nothing for this project
if you able to make a demo on testnet with one thing it can be mor effective some investors bring some mony for this instead
it can more benifit and help full for @ek826 AI project with get to gether project

you can splilit it in 8 or 10 Parts

I can do Something

i dont Have Money but have Idea how to divert mony to this direction

Go to TFL

They control station and maintain it. You need to be asking LUNA holders.

It’s basically a Weibo ri/poff

It’s not worth 35mil.

The team that controls station…if they wanted to they could do it themselves.

Weibo is bad.

This idea is not new. Weibo does everything from social to shopping etc

they never asking where to go he is bring Idea for LUNC Comunity We have To do Somthing for this Idea

We have to do nothing for this idea.

All the features could be implemented by TFL if they wanted for 0 cost.

No. It’s rubbish.

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