Terra Station for Everybody

Dear LUNAtics

Finally, today is the day when I can publish an idea, the implementation of which can dramatically affect both the development of the Terra community and the whole world, forever changing its structure.

I would like to present my ideas for the development of the Terra Station platform, which will make it the most sought-after product among people around the world.

Its main idea is to add everyday services to Terra Station and implement them with a new approach and understanding. I propose to build a full-fledged social network with the functionality of banking, trading, a marketplace, an advertising service, and a project management system. The use of services by users will significantly increase the turnover, value, and applicability of the LUNC token in the future. If this project comes to fruition, every LUNC holder will become financially independent in the future.

To dive into the idea in more detail, I prepared a presentation:

In English:

In russian:

4 new sections will be added to the Terra Station app:

1.Social network - a social platform based on NFT
2.Marketplace - a platform for online and offline trading: formation, acceptance, and payment of invoices
3.Finance - financial service without intermediaries
4.Governance - a platform for creating and managing projects of any scale

Next, I will describe in more detail the chips and features of the new sections and their interaction with the LUNC token.

1.Social network

1.1. The social network section is a combination of the functionality of all existing social networks (Twitter, FB, Youtube, Tik-Tok, Instagram) into one, where the user, using tabs and settings, can set parameters for the preferred type of content and the category of user interests. The user himself decides what content will be in his feed.

1.2. Each member of the network will have its role and its rating, which cannot be hidden, it will be displayed by the following parameters:

• Rating 5 stars - ratings obtained as a result of interaction with other members of the network

• Social role - a position in the network that a person assigns to himself based on the chosen occupation

• Date of birth - the date the address was created on the network - the older, the more reliable

Also, other information that users can hide will be available for the profile.

• Total number of LUNC coins - influence

• Place of residence - country, city, district, street, house, apartment

• Age, Interests, Contacts

1.3. When a user posts any content, be it music, video, photo, or article, it is immediately created as an NFT. When other users encourage content, the creator will receive LUNC for it. If desired, the author can put his content in the form of NFTs for sale in the marketplace. If the NFT has a new owner, then the profit from the content will already be credited to him. More details on this are below.

1 LUNC = becomes an analog of the likes we are used to, with which we encourage the content of other users.

Now, when we like someone, we give him a coin. To put likes, the user must send any amount of LUNC to the likes balance. Users who create content receive LUNC on their likes balance. You can withdraw LUNC from your balance of likes at any time by paying a Gas Fee for it.

Content with more likes is shown more often, the algorithm is similar to the current Tik-Tok algorithm.


Viewing ads brings the user LUNC (users can choose in the settings whether to watch ads or not).

The advertiser purchases a LUNC then sets the number of LUNCs for their ad and immediately transfers the entire volume to the network.

When a user views an ad, the Terra network credits the user with 1 LUNC and charges the advertiser with 1 LUNC.

The total amount of LUNC received from advertising is displayed in the financial section, the user can withdraw LUNC from his advertising balance by paying a Gas Fee for it.

2. Marketplace

Network users can create ads and put their goods, products, and services on the marketplace. You can also create entire companies and provide any services using the built-in editor.

Embedded editor for companies and services:

• Name

• Category of product or service

• Delivery region / Service delivery region

• Audience

• Description of the service or product

• Photo/Video

• Price in LUNC

• Rating and customer reviews

Ownership of a company can be transferred between network users

As an example, anyone can create a cargo delivery company by integrating their services into the marketplace, when ordering goods, users can choose a list of companies available for delivery to their region

3. Finance

3.1. General balance summary, statistics, and infographics.

3.2. Wallet - storage, sending, and receiving. Transfer funds to any of the contact lists in the network.

3.3. Staking – Validators can now advertise their services on the network.

3.4. Service for invoicing, receiving payments, escrow transactions, p2p. Payment for services, fines, housing and communal services, replenishment of mobile, purchase of goods, charity, etc.

3.5. Instant exchange or purchase of cryptocurrency.

On the Terra blockchain, fungible tokens are created for all fiat currencies existing in the world and for the TOP 100 tokens. They all work as stablecoins within the Terra network and are linked to the LUNC price on external exchanges. Stablecoins can only be used within the Terra network, i.e. you can exchange any stablecoin at the current ratio of its value to LUNC, however, you can withdraw funds to external wallets only by converting them to the LUNC coin.

3.6. An example of an offline transaction:

When 2 people are nearby, they just need to open the Terra Station application and shake their phones, the system will automatically establish a connection between them.

By clicking on the user icon, the system will offer several options:

· Issue an invoice for payment

· Profile view (where the user’s rating is immediately indicated)

· Add to your network of contacts

3.7. How is the deal going?

Seller: issues an invoice in any local Terra currency

Buyer: receives a notification with an invoice, and pays with any currency or coin within the Terra network.

At the time of payment, the buyer’s money is automatically converted into the seller’s currency.

3.8. Secure transactions are possible using automated smart contracts. The cost of the service is fixed in the smart contract until it is performed by the contractor. The money goes to the contractor after confirmation by the customer of the service rendered. Network users acting as judicial institutions may be involved in resolving contentious issues.

4. Governance

4.1. Users can create projects and decide by a vote in which direction the community should move.

4.2. Users can create and vote on any projects using LUNC. Also, now you can donate your tokens to any global, regional, and local projects, and become their leader or participant.

4.3. This is an opportunity for everyone to independently invest in the development of any idea with the help of LUNC tokens.

Describe the project, form a project team, and follow its development. Project management is displayed in a custom rating system. Unreasonable or unrealized projects hurt the rating of his team. Successful projects have a positive effect on the team’s rating.

4.4. Built-in editor for creating surveys, projects, funds, etc.

· Subject

· Category

· Regionality

· Audience

· Short description

· Detailing the project (the ability to select basic templates that describe the type of project and its)

· Jobs

· Budget

· Yield distribution (if there is a return on investment system)

· Project period

4.5. Project examples

• Users can vote for a project to clean up the world’s oceans, make a plan, and a team and receive investments in this project

• Users can create a vote for the idea of universal renunciation of nuclear weapons and their destruction in order to collect statistics on the understanding that all people are united on this issue

• Users can vote for the construction of a center for the fight against various diseases, such as the fight against cancer

• Users can attract investments from a local audience to create a food farm, the profit from which will go to both the organizers and investors

To bring this project to life, an investment of 35 million USD will be required. The duration of the project is approximately 2 years. In more detail, I painted everything in the presentations indicated above.

If you have any questions, here are my contacts:


[email protected]
[email protected]

I am ready to fully take the implementation of these ideas under my responsibility and, together with the Terra community, make it a new page of development in the history of mankind.

Thanks for your attention!


Have you seen the community pool and our funding rate?

Money is not the main thing now, this idea will bring investors dozens, and maybe hundreds of times more.

The main thing now is to understand whether the leaders of the community believe in this idea and are they ready to swing so hard?

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Another point is that Terra Station is owned by TFL and you would need their permission to submit any changes, unless this is done with a new wallet all together, or an alternative such as Rebel Station with their permission.

Just FYI we have 246k USD in our community pool at current prices, with a current funding rate not enough to even sustain the L1 Team. That said, in the long term having a more deluxe wallet with more features is good.

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Are you collecting money for the war or this is serious? Anyway, considering the projects the community has funded till now, I won’t be surprised if they fund this as well at this amount. Go for it! :slightly_smiling_face:

I would put it this way. I appreciate a well-prepared idea and also processing. However, it has one catch - We are currently not in a position to think about it. So this proposal was ahead of its time.


It’s a good idea, the turnover of the token due to the social network will increase by billions of tokens daily.

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Dude, this is the future and it’s inevitable. It only matters who builds it first, for now, Terra has every chance.

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$35 million :joy::joy:


The amount is large, but if all ideas are divided into separate stages, then each stage will not look unbearable and gradually the idea can be implemented.

For example, you can already start doing web design now, when the design is ready, the idea will be easier to promote.

Or create a separate fund for fees for this project, I am ready to support this idea for 100 dollars.


$35 million over 2 years? Excuse me while I clean the coffee I just spit out off my monitor.

LUNC is currently on life support. What we need now are small steps, not some huge project that may or may not be delivered within 2 years. We need to add dApps, large or small, but need to be adding them consistently to show the world that LUNC can be a player in the crypto world and will survive.


That’s what people who don’t have money say. For the average bum, 35 million seems like something unattainable, but someone buys a twitter for 44 yards, is that not much in your opinion?

For 35 million I will create an Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Binance, absolutely on a new level, this project is the killer of everything that is installed on your phone today. LUNC capitalization will exceed 100 billion in the first 3 years. Think again now, is it expensive?

Dreams wich are not expensive cant be true!
But unfortunately a dream is a dream.

Then build it! but you will not get $35 million :rofl: :rofl:

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Very similar to the promises of Ostap Bender in the Four Horses Club

I’m not interested in money at all, I don’t mind if the existing management of Terra will oversee this, my goal is to create a truly decentralized community around the world, and I will earn money from my Lunс coins when they skyrocket in price.

Who decides in Terra, I just don’t understand much about how the community works.

How can Lunc take off with such an emission? Especially up to the sky. There is not so much money in the world

Imagine that every Twitter like is 1 Lunc, there are 3 billion active users in the world. And everyone will need Lunc in everyday life. Every day, billions of people will use billions tokens. Now imagine how many advertisers? How many purchases? How many different projects? And for all this, Lunc will be used. Lunc will become a truly independent world currency, but first we need to build services to use it.

No one has gone as far in creating user interfaces as Terra has with the Terra Station product. If we build this blockchain ecosystem first, it will revolutionize the world of the web.

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Will people have to pay money to like on social media?

Look at slide 8 - there is a description of how it can work

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