Terra station Lunc -> bLuna swap bug


A bug in which fee is used as New Luna, not Lunc, in the process of swapping Lunc from Terra station to BLuna

Steps To Reproduce Issue

  1. Access to the Terra Station website via Terra Classic.
  2. Change chrome Terra Station app to Terra mainnet and DON’T REFRESH.
  3. Swap Lunc → bLuna , select fee as Luna
  4. check the fee is 12.766078 LUNC
  5. Transaction is fail but using fee as New Luna

Expected Result
Using 12.766078 Lunc

Actual Result
Using 12.766078 New Luna

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

Tx hash : EB0487717226B8BD466E6014089B25216801D419A1D5C77E2FA69797DE7E03D3
Block : 63428 at phoenix-1 network