Terra Station Mobile support of "de-Googled" Android Phones

This is my plea to investigate Terra Station Mobile to support de-Googled Android phones.

Crypto is disruptive - there is little argument about that amongst “ourselves”. It may resemble the successor to our monetary system. It may resemble empowerment of an individual overwhelmed by “the system”.

What seems odd to me is that I could not find any crossover of the crypto movement and the attempts to rid ourselves from the cancer that accompanies us day and night: our smartphone - or, more to the point, the amounts of spyware we tolerate in exchange for convenience. Many mobile apps are published on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and rely on their systems.
On the other hand, I’d assume the open-source movement, the flip-the-bird-to-Big-Tech movement and the crypto movement to ultimately be the perfect marriage!

I recently installed CalyxOS, hoping to be able to dump my regular phone (incl. Google Services) soon. The Terra Station Mobile App can be easily installed via Aurora which sort of mimicks the Google Play Store (it can be compiled from the github sources as well…).

The web-app integrations like Anchor and Mirror wont work for me though. This was the end of my experiment. I tried to do some debugging, but to be honest, I have zero technical capabilities with regard to debugging on Android. My dead end was to pull out a log file that stated that the navigation to the intent to Terra Station Mobile’s “wallet connect” is blocked.

My proposed goals for Terra Station Mobile are:

  • Terra Station Mobile provides convenient APK management besides the Google Play Store.
  • Terra Station Mobile supports web-app integrations (Anchor, Mirror,…) independent of Google Services.

My questions to you are:

  • Did I miss anything? Is there maybe a vital community that I missed? Maybe I was just not using the software properly? Maybe the navigation block is a simple switch within the browser config?
  • Can I support if there is developer work to be done? Should I write up a governance proposal for funding? Shall I write up inciting words to make anyone care? Should we debate priorities?
  • Is this maybe a question to be addressed to Anchor and Mirror rather than to Terra Station Mobile?

Appreciate your feedback.

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I wish you all the luck Kodi nox