Terrastation not showing my Luna2

I’ve got 274 in my wallet as shown on terrafinder, but when i look in terrastation, i can’t see anything.

My validator,
Lavender.Five Nodes :honeybee:
is not showing in the terra station staking section.

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Hello there, I can understand it is probably a very busy time for you right now however I am wondering something.

I had my terra (portal) on Trustwallet on this bep-20 address:

and then on the 27th bridged and transferred it to the terra station app past the screenshot time to this address:

Does this mean I wont be getting the airdrop? there is no mention of plans for those who had terra (portal) bep-20 version and all the documentation was very confusing.

Please can you help me get the airdrop.


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Does anyone else have Luna2 showing in their terrafinder explorer and not in their terrastation?

hey, maybe you need to switch network to mainnet? Switch networks — Terra Docs documentation

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what about the bridged terra? :frowning:

That doesn’t get an airdrop yet, it will be part of a future community pool spend. No details on that yet, sit tight :slight_smile:

So thats confirmed that it will happen? Please can I provide my wallet details of the time as I bridged across too late for reference as although when the snapshot was taken it was still in the bridged does that mean the airdrop will eventually go to the wallet where it was luna (portal) ?

That is the plan, yeah. No idea when it will happen, or how, though, so there is no point taking your wallet address.

Should I transfer back to wrapped luna or just leave it now in the terra station?

Leave it unless you want to sell it on another chain

Okay thanks, so is the plan for the wrapped luna airdrop to eventually arrive to the wallet the same time as where the snapshot was taken? Many people I know have this same question.

Please help Luna’s victims. On May 31, I wanted to transfer my only 435 Lunas from gate to the trust wallet address. When I found that the trustwallet address was still written with the terra chain, I chose to send it. My God trust wallet still hasn’t updated its wallet. I think my Luna was sent to the address of the old Luna, that is, the address of lunc. I think the technology of terra can help me find it, I don’t think it’s only my fault. Please help a Luna victim. This is my last asset.this is
Tx hash 732A4C414C590772516AFB66D81D5A77C74834CD63CB2944D7C44ECC1FB3F7A3

Trust wallet address terra1ne763gcu8yltyqq5n5xvhacxkp4mcvl8fftsyg

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Hey, your Luna is on that address - Terra Finder - but trust wallet doesn’t support the new chain, so you will need to recover the wallet in Terra Station with your trust wallet phrase.

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