TerraWare: The Terra Classic Mobile Device


Since we can no longer trust too big to fail tech~monopolies, we should design and create a stand-alone mobile device solely for the Terra Station, by the community - for the community.

Make the device a good quality at a low cost (non-profit) funded by a healthy community pool that is replenished by the revenue from the sales of this mobile device (sell it at a cost equal to the cost of the production of it). Build-in a visual touch-screen with a virtual-keypad on that touchscreen all on a standard-sized bank card (3.375 inches by 2.125 inches and 0.0299 inches thick), charged wirelessly (set on a charging pad), built-in Wi-Fi, an OS that has styles to choose from and a TC Dapp store, and made strong. Keep it simple and solely for TC purposes!

The only things left that will require our trust will be the community and your internet providers…

Internet service provisions should also be considered in our production plans, in addition to access to a ‘view only’ mode of the code of TC’s core (to spot illegal activities - outside governance - and verify voting results by matching them to wallet addresses).

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Design and build whatever you want.Just do it all for your own money.

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@pivo4et ~

So, you’re saying you think this community doesn’t need to fund its own progression? Why not have the hardware (with a fully transparent design) to match the software (with a fully transparent design)? Or, just remain stagnant…

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The idea of decentralization is about cutting out third-parties ~ if we want to succeed at decentralizing TC, we need the community to know the design details of all aspects related to the ecosystem… And designing and funding the construction of our own stuff is how We do that.

@pivo4et ~ You’re failing to think fully about the new direction Satoshi made us all conscious of that frees us from third-parties that enslave Us!

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QR code connection?