The Battle for the ETH

Regarding the community ethereum crosschain multisig wallet [0x9538D438d506Fc426dB37fb83daC2a0752A02757]

Prop10936 wants the funds from the ETH wallet to be converted into Lunc and put in the community pool for future distribution.

Prop10940 wants to hand the funds out without providing the necessary details required to justify the handouts.

I want to convert the ETH to Lunc and burn it all, resulting in a lesser division of the market cap… if that burn won’t happen, prop10936 is next best. Prop10940 is a heist of the funds!

This is a defining moment for Lunc ~ what prop will pass?

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I just want to add what I have already expressed. The figures are distorted because proposition 10936 has been hidden for desktop users for at least the past 24 hours, else more votes would have accumulated on that proposal. I am glad you can see it on mobile. I can only access it by direct link. Technical or human glitch it is affecting the comparison between the 2. They should both be scrapped and I agree with you it all needs to be converted to LUNC and burnt.

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Or, will both fail leaving the community ETH still untouched?

Scammers v. Producers

No matter what, these props show that we have a divided community. One side wants to get money (with little contribution) and the other wants to revive the system (and see financial success because of a successful system).


The community is more than divided, it is asleep…

It has to wake up and take care of everyone’s money. Otherwise, one day they will wake up with their wallets valued at almost “0”. And they will complain… But they should participate more and take more care of the real value of their assets.


Move your delegated Lunc to the following validators…