The best way to speed up supply reduction

The motivation is to accelerate LUNC currency deflation and restore community confidence.

→ Cut the current supply to 1/10th(10%) through a hardfork. Effectively multiplying by 0.10 will make the current supply 600Billion, the price will adjust accordingly and nobody loses anything.

  • Continue with the burn plan through trade and move fees.

It is unfeasible, you cannot remove that amount of tokens that are currently in wallets

All focused are now on burn but it really looks like it might take a while to get CEX to help us out.

We have to get more utilities onboard while we wait for those CEX.

When it comes to software you can do anything, this is not something new, it has been done before in other projects.

Anyone who wants to can stay behind running on the old code.
HardFork to 10:1 ratio.

I don’t think it’s necessary to make a hard fork when another blockchain already exists (Luna2). And how would you apply the ratio? Would people lose 9/10 of their tokens?

Do you know that it’s literally stolen money from people accounts?
Similar proposals must be withdrawn and dropped out by the forum immediately :slight_smile:

The price will adjust according to the new total supply, and the owner of the coins will not lose anything in terms of value, but the project takes a huge step forward: 2 years.

This is the most effective and fastest way to get this project back to its original splendor. But, of course, it won’t be popular because everyone is contaminated with the idea of “I’m just going to buy some of this cheap coin and become a millionaire, easy and fast hahaha” without having any idea how the investment world works, without understanding the feeling of traders and the worst without caring about the project itself.