The most competent rescue of LUNA / UST without harming everyone

The problem that LUNA/UST faced is described in all anti-crisis sources of management!!!
This was the case with the currency in Germany after the war, when inflation was 10,000,000x and it could not be suppressed, as well as in many other countries.

It is necessary to make a commission for the unprofitability of speculation, namely, for the sale of 20%, for the purchase of 1%. ALL commission to direct exclusively to the burning of coins.

Thus, we will cope with the situation at the current volumes in less than 2 weeks!

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everything in crypto is speculation. If you ban speculation the price drops 100x

this is an anti-crisis plan, the percentage can be reduced smoothly by 1% per week

Right now, this is how the ruble is supported in Russia. He first flew to -55%, after the implementation of this plan, he became higher than before the sanctions

I dont really understand what you are proposing. Can you explain it different ?

He proposes to introduce a restriction on the sale in the form of an increased network commission. I agree that it will help, but I think that 20% is too much. Buy LUNA -1%, sell LUNA - 5%. I think that there will be an adequate commission for the sale of LUNA 5%.Just like you start and withdraw money through a credit card, for example, if I want to buy 100 USDT from the card, I have to spend 105USD, otherwise there is no way.

Он предлагает ввести ограничение на продажу в виде повышенной комиссии сети. Я согласен что это поможет, но считаю что 20% это слишком много. Купить LUNA -1%, продать LUNA - 5%. Считаю что за продажу LUNA 5% будет адекватная комиссия. Точно так же как Вы заводите и выводите деньги через кредитную карту, например если я с карты хочу купить 100 USDT, я должен потратить 105USD, иначе никак.

The ruble is supported by the fact people are banned from selling it. Shall we ban people from selling Luna?