The perspective of someone with a small wallet

I come to give the perspective of a user from Argentina with a small balance, around 1000USD in Binance (but that is still all my savings), which I had before the depeg, and who fully believed in this project even when the fall was inevitable…

Before the depeg, I had all my funds in LUNA on my wallet, I saw about 300USD slip from my hands in a couple of days, and then I sold. But it doesn’t stop there, I was stubborn, and I traded LUNA again when it started going up to 7 USD, and I lost about another 300 USD in a couple of seconds. Totally absurd, I’ve never had such bad luck in my life.
But I kept trusting, and I bought UST with the hope that such a big project would recover, I was informing me about the measures they were taking so then he decided to buy UST to see if I could contribute a little bit to restore the depeg and try to save the losses that I had with LUNA. I bought once, I saw how it went up to almost 0.8 the first time, and when it fell again I bought again, it went up to 0.6 and then I saw that same day how everything disappeared. Now I have little more than 100 usd in my wallet, I’m totally broke, I made a succession of mistakes that to this day I cannot forgive myself. I’m not telling my story to make you feel grief, in fact what I’m say is that it should not matter how the money is lost, but yes the balance itself before and after the depeg.

What I’m going with all this is that many people are affected by situations like mine and much worse, and there are other people who took advantage of this and obtained profit, and it is more than clear that those who have obtained profit, for more than they have helped and now even have UST or LUNA, they don’t have to be rewarded, it doesn’t make any sense.
From my perspective, you would target the users with the small wallets, with a negative balance and a lost a BIG percentage of the money in LUNA and UST, obviously starting from the people with the least money. It is my most sincere opinion, seems to me the most general and reasonable of all. I understand that on the one hand my case it is all my fault for “speculating” and continuing to use my money on this project, but I think it would not be fair to leave people like me empty-handed. It doesn’t matter the way or the actions of each one when losing the money, what matters in the end is the balance itself.

Sorry for my English, a cordial greeting, I hope to be heard.