The re-build of Luna Classic is not in the neocortex, in the limbic system

If you look at the processing of the human brain, it is largely divided into the neocortex and the limbic system.

The neocortex is the area that is responsible for rational judgment in humans.

And the limbic system is responsible for the emotional part of human beings.

The human brain is supposed to grow the limbic system before the neocortex. It’s not your fault if you look back at the years when you’re older and remember doing something crazy in your 20s. Because your neocortex hasn’t fully grown.

You’ve heard that humans don’t have a good brain structure to invest in.

That’s because humans are mammals with emotions and intuition. That’s why you experience FUD and FOMO alternately and repeat the same mistakes every time in the investment market.

But the funny thing is, no matter how advanced machines and AI are, It cannot replace humans. Because human mind cannot programmed.

And the driving force behind humans’ constant development and change is also the command of the limbic system, not the neocortex.

When we look back at the history of Bitcoin, and the history of humans, we’ve been fighting and fighting against the ruling forces for freedom.

If our ancestors were faithful to the commands of the neocortex, they would have complied by calculating the gains and losses in the social system that the establishment had built.

The red pill in the movie looks great, but it has a very high risk of fighting against the system of society. Your neocortex will stop that behavior. But sometimes people choose resistance regardless of their interests.

When those people grow and form a force, we call them rebels.

Yes, this behavior is crazy in the eyes of people with reason.

They’re idiots who spend their money and time where it doesn’t pay.

But the reason why you suppressed the absurdity of this world and made the world you live in a little bit more beautiful was because of the sacrifices of those idiots.

And history records their action as revolution.

I am a Korean like Do Kwon. Obviously, Koreans are the people closest to this revolution.

From 1910 to 1945, Korea was a Japanese colony.

The Korean queen, Empress Myeongseong was raped and brutally killed by 20 Japanese soldiers who broke into her castle.

This history is recorded in the Ejo Report, a historical material of Japan, not Korea. What was written in it was even more terrible than what I explained.

Many Koreans were tested on human bodies by Japan’s 731 unit. Have you ever heard of Maruta?

If you’re curious about why modern surgical technology developed remarkably in the 1900s, you can get a results the sacrifice of Koreans and Chinese.


It took 35 years for Korea to become independent. It’s a long time until you’re 55 when you’re 20 years old.

During that time, Some Korean people who conformed to the society created by the invaders and acted on the orders of the neocortex accumulated a lot of money and honor.

Unfortunately, some of them still dominate Korean society as rich families.

But eventually, Koreans won the freedom of independence, and history calls them independence fighters.

If they had invested their lives in building their own wealth, the country that is now Korea would not exist in this world.

As such, rebellion is an act that those who see immediate gains cannot dream of. Because your neocortex which induces you to make the right decision, will stop you from doing such stupid things.

But you have to know that you’re enjoying your freedom now because there are such stupid people.

Do you think Luna Classic is a well-organized scam? Or do you think it’s the failure of a revolution that will turn the world around?

People lie, but on-chain data doesn’t lie. And there’s also a little bit of information about who’s driving the downfall of the most innovative digital currency in the 21st century.

Who are these people who are trying to protect the value of the U.S. dollar and try not to ask the question, “Why?” to the system of this society?

Why are you participating in the reconstruction of Luna Classic?

Do you want the coin price of Luna Classic to go up? Or are you dreaming of a resurgence of a nation invaded by a shadow force?

It doesn’t matter why. But you need to know this part.

When the number of people who support the Luna Classic increases without making rational judgments, according to the order of the limbic system, the rebellion turns into a revolution.

And if the revolution succeeds, the price increase that you want will follow incidentally.

And history will remember your names.


Interesting, so the word of REBELS can be meaningful and powerful.


암호화폐의 한획을 그을수 있겠죠.
하이퍼인플레이션 발생과 재생의 과정을 보여줄 수 있는 것이 루나이지 않을까요?
그것도 커뮤니티의 힘으로 말이죠. 저도 그 힘과 함께 하고 싶어요…
솔직히 너무 불쌍한 느끼도 들고요. 빛도 제대로 발하지 못하고 꺼진 것 같아서요.


:clap: This is only the beginning.

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