The Sanest Compromise - Combining the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan and the FatMan Plan

I do think this is good idea.

First, reimburse UST Holder

  1. Not waste the thing LFG have left. We don’t know which whale are ready to dump LUNA/UST back on LFG and we lost it all.
  2. Put person who do not want another investment (They will dump every on the 1st day)
  3. Repair reputation and be ready to move on.
  4. Clear out the debt of the old chain and ready for new angle investor.

As now LUNA and UST are disconnected.
Previously, LUNA price goes up because it got burn to mint UST. The team need to coming up with a great idea. With a solid community and dev team I think we can go through this.

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Yeah I agree with you. I think the $50k per wallet suggestion should be increased if possible–$75-100k seems more fair to me.

Doesn’t matter. If you sold it, you forfeited the right to ownership.

Thank you, I reposted also as a topic: Envisioning a path to REAL recovery for Terra

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Lol, if this is implemented it will lead to a crash worse then what happened


Great and agree, please start it


lmao so with you

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agree with this


Some of us stakers, have staked on the network since day 1. We had no opportunity to salvage any of our stake and had to watch it go to zero. I think stakers that supported the network should be priority before speculators and traders. I don’t see any solution where everyone will be happy at this stage.


The snapshot just needs to right before de-list not de-peg…the de-listing was the end of the road for trading pair.

Meu amigo deixe de ser ganancioso. Quanto mais detentores existirem, menos será o número de tokens disponíveis e assim teremos ótimos valores.
Isso é maravilhoso para quem perdeu muito dinheiro pre-crash
Acorda pra vida.

I am seeing a lot of proposals. This one looks very decent even though to be honest my hope is at it’s a a very low state right now. What it seems that will happen is that no one will do anything and we will just continue talking and eventually everyone moves on. It’s either we do something now or forget it.

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Guys & Girls stop coming up with repayment plans, thats not gonna happen and it shouldnt, its an investment and its a risk. Nobody guarantees for your investment, its crypto, defi… If you want guarantees go to a bank get ,2% and your isured up to 99k.
Nobody was complaining while they where recieving the 20% APR.
George Soros disnt go to jail for braking the bank of england. This was an unfortunate event that we need to learn from, update the ecosystem make it safer and start healing.
Like CZ said forking wont add value.

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I agree with it all, a beautiful and creative way of revival! A way to restore the terra luna reputation with integrity which detrimental to LUNA2.

I am a small holder, less than 50k UST, only half was in ANC the rest i supported via liquidity, bootstraping and so on I’m an investor, a user and a supporter for many new protocol.

I understand i might suffer some losses and i might get 50% of my UST and it’s fine, in order for it to work and for the outside world to see something quiet remarkable in my eyes, we should all take a step back, take a breath and see also the half full glass.

We all took part in this experiment, we all ignored many warnings along the way (i did at least), i was blind for my own reasons, so i take responsibility for my self and my choices.

I would love to see us being more flexible and celebrate that if this plan will become a reality, it is so much better than the current state and it brings back the potentials we held before the crash.

I’m gratful for all the bright minds who come together to find the most elegant solution with a caring intent.
Thank you! :pray::heart:


My total support. Do Kwon’s plan is not ideal. FatMan’s does not preserve the future.


Of course, in fact I held (and keep holding) significant amounts of both Luna and UST, they just require different treatment.

If there’s a fork, Luna holders at depeg must receive most of the new tokens, plain and simple.

If there’s not a fork, the mint/burn mechanism should be restarted and the Luna emissions should be airdropped to Luna holders (in all of its forms) at depeg, to start compensating the dilution they have suffered (I detail it more in my proposal).

If u leave out your ust buyers who bought the dip praying for a repeg your making a mistake. UST period needs to be paid back in full if its going to be paid back. You can set a max cap but u shouldnt discriminate on who deserves compensation. Good luck with getting anybody to support your new chain if yall burn us like that. Chains always need new capital. And u better off wit folks who made money wit Terra than all the bitter people who lost

A simple/naive solution to also refund UST holders who sold after depeg at loss is asking them to buy back UST and put it back to the same wallet before the refund happens. So two snapshots will be taken, one at depeg and another at a future date, publicly announced. For each wallet, the smaller UST amount of 2 snapshots are eligible for a refund. If you haven’t sold anything, you get the same back. If you sold but bought back some, the bought back part up to what you had before depeg will be eligible. This will also create buying pressure on UST and helps move the price in a favorable direction.


I like it in theory but its all moot unless LFG ponies up the cash to support and I’m not seeing any signs from them that, that is going to happen.

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