Combine Do's Revival Plan x FatMan's Tiered Repayment to UST Holders

Update: See @wlawyer’s proposal which supports the developers and much more polished The Sanest Compromise - Combining the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan and the FatMan Plan - #124 by Dan_Yu

Combining Do’s Revival Plan with FatMan’s Tiered Repayment would make a majority of UST holders whole and give LUNA holders a chance to revive the ecosystem on the new fork.

Repay as many UST holders per FatMan’s proposal.

Then incorporate Do’s plan with 40% of the 1B tokens going to UST holders who do not receive any refund.

  • 400M (40%) to Luna holders before the depegging event
  • 400M (40%) to UST holders who do not receive any refund
  • 100M (10%) to Luna holders at the final moment of the chain halt
  • 100M (10%) to the Community Pool to fund future development.

Smaller UST holders would be made completely whole and refunded in a stablecoin compatible with the new chain. Bigger, generally higher risk tolerant participants would own more of the new chain.


Nope…anything that doesn’t help the folks who bought at many zeroes is a non-starter. We didn’t dive into this to save the ones that bailed. Absolute non-starter. No chance.

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Anyone who is holding LUNA post-chain halt would still own their coins. Whether the old chain continues running and retains value is up to the markets.

No they wouldn’t it would be a completely different chain and you guys are fools if you really want to do this because you guys are giving do kwon a free pass on everything he’s done to just have a fresh start and keep all the funds the right way is to stick it out and burn everything to fix his wrong doing not giving him a free pass


This is the best proposal so far

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This is not the best proposal. This is the ONLY proposal that will save luna ecosystem and all its users/holders/developers. And Im telling as the owner of LUNAS before and after depegging. First of all it is the only way for DO and other devs to avoid criminal charges as no one would be cheated in a legal way (everyone knew or should knew - if they invest how UST-LUNA mechanism works, depegging was a mistake made by devs during designing of the system but it`s not qualify for criminal charges). Now if they will try to cheat in ANY WAY old or new holders they will get criminal charges and thousands of lawsuits from all around the world. If they let the system go like it is right now - with burning and buying back the ecosystem will survive and rise again.
As I mentioned I’m both old and new holder. My current price after buying this dip is still much higher then current luna price. But I know the only way for me to get my investment back and even make some extra money on it is by letting it run like it is right now, implement burning and buying back. Announce new innovative projects in the system and the marketcap will grow again as I believe LUNA is a great and innovative system - but without UST

It’s unlikely any VC/financier is going to inject further funds into the current chain and be a lifeboat to post-halt speculators. Although not perfect, starting a new chain is a much better approach. @wlawyer has the best proposal so far imho, The Sanest Compromise - Combining the Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan and the FatMan Plan - #124 by Dan_Yu

Yes :heart_hands::heart_hands::heart_hands:

Hints at both:

Ecosystem Revival