The steps forward, the snapshot, an airdrop, whatever it may be, must include post-crash participants as well

I have been involved with this ecosystem for quite sometime and I like many others have lost everything in the crash. I’ve seen a lot of proposals mention pre-crash snapshots and just want to say, whatever is decided, those participants that entered our ecosystem immediately following the crash should not be excluded - this would be very cruel.

I don’t think its necessary to include anyone buying $luna or $ust now at 0 but generally, anyone who at a net loss should be made whole.

It’s important that everyone is made whole and nobody feel cheated. Bringing back trust with the community is key


Actually I thought the opposite … if a person exchanged their USDC’s for sub-0.9$ UST and didn’t see any problem with it whatsoever - then most likely he might be a bad actor (a dude who decided to profit from arbitrage, etc. (not a long-term commited stakeholder))

if they bought below peg, their buys would have gone towards pushing UST back to $1…

Those that were selling would be more-so considered bad actors, no?


So how do you suggest this is done? How do you balance the people that bought 100,000 Luna yesterday for 10$ vs the 165 Luna I bought over a year ago for 2,500$?

Exchanges know exactly who paid what on their platforms.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know - but I know there are capable builders and leaders on our blockchain that are capable of coming up with a solution.

How about this?

Pre-attack investors would easily get their original amount back with the fork, no?

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I was thinking the same!

That is a pretty good solution I think.