This Proposal must be voted!

This Proposal must be voted!!!

I beg every sane person to vote for this. The proposal space is getting clouded like a forum, it’s getting silly.!!!

If you can vote please vote, at least it will help to burn some tokens aswell so its a win-win and we wont see all the silly proposals in governance!

Governance proposals are being used as a chat room making it very hard to find serious proposals to vote on. It was only 0.04 UST to post this. Increase governance proposal fee by 100x and require a deposit at least $100 USD equivalent in Luna.

PS: not my proposal but i fully support it.

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The truth of the silence of the team

They are waiting for more speculators to buy luna so they can steal their money and somehow reward themselves with it , it is obviously what’s going on Luna volume is not from retail traders it is from the team trying to prey on speculators to raise funds and screw the people buying it now

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