This token will fail if something isnt done about the scam posts

This token will fail if something isn’t done about the scam proposals. I am proposing a disincentive for scammers to keep going to this chain (they lose money)

The current state of the ecosystem is rocky at best and crumbling at the worst. With dozens of scam proposals daily, this token will fail if something doesn’t change NOW. The community and discussions centering around Lunc on discord, telegram, CMC, twitter etc. Have been centered upon the untrustworthiness of the current system. If we are to attract new investors, and build on on chain utility, the trust must be restored. While the devs have sat idly by and done NOTHING about the scam proposals going on the chain stealing peoples money and possibly future. The community has been clear on the issue of scam proposals. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE

I am proposing a button be made on terra station which allows users to report scam proposals. Should enough reports be made (say perhaps 25 reports) an investigation (lasting shorter than 4 hours in length and beginning no later than 1 hour after the threshold report is made) into the wallet behind the address will be launched. if 1000 reports are filed the proposal be taken down immediately until the legitimacy of the proposal can be ascertained.

This would of course be limited to one report per address.

If the reports are seen to be confirmed (via transaction history) the wallet behind the proposal will be blacklisted as well as any wallets that scam wallet sent the funds to for the next 10 transactions. for example.

Victim address —> scammer address —> scammer address —> scammer address…10th scammer address.

would shape to be

victim address —> (blacklisted)—> (blacklisted)—> (blacklisted)—> (blacklisted)—> (blacklisted)—> (blacklisted)

This quickly will branch out from the initial scam like a spider web easily blocking between 10-20 addresses per investigation.

The funds within those wallets will be returned to the owner if possible (by verifying transaction hashes) and analyzing the blockchain prior to the funds being lost. If not the funds will be considered burned. ( I am aware some of you may not like that second part; it was difficult for me to accept as well considering I have had $500 usd in lunc stolen in the past month alone 1/3 of my portfolio) others have lost more others have lost less.

I am aware that a certain amount of funding would be needed for this and possibly the assembly of a team, I am open to a conversation/contribution as to make this an effective solution to the problem at hand including what the relevant code would be etc.

I recently read the proposal to only allow proposals on terra.station if there is a verifiable ACTIVE classic.agora link attached to the post. Because of this I also recommend that the post must be live and under the governance and proposals topic for a minimum of 24 hours prior to the post being able to transition to classic agora. I am also suggesting the classic agora post remain up for the entirety of the proposal duration to prevent a post from being created just to make a scam proposal before beign deleted and covering their tracks.

I am seeking to have a productive discussion of this. This proposal is not seeking to victim shame or blame.

My specific scam post was a phish it looked exactly like terra.station and all it did was ask me to connect my wallet after that it was all over. I didn’t put in my seed, key, or password as those are not always necessary for a scam.

This proposal also removes the need to drastically increase the lunc amount for proposals and thus prevents the possibility that only those with big bags would be able to propose stuff.

I am looking forward to this discussion.