TradFi Shills Trying to Paint Attackers as Good Guys

You can see on here and Twitter that the TradFi shills are painting the attackers as good guys who may have prevented a larger catastrophe down the line by attacking Terra to steal money.

Their logic goes something like this: “The attackers merely broke into the home by exploiting a vulnerability. Anyone would do the same. Everyone should thank the attackers for preventing greater misfortunes down the line.”

Reality is, if the attackers were “good guys” they would have exposed and reported the vulnerability in a bug bounty program of sorts. However, it was not really a bug, but market manipulation which is why the attack required billions of dollars, precise timing to liquidate the curve pools, and an intense media propaganda campaign before, during, and after the attack to this date.

So next time a TradFi shill says “the attackers ultimately did something good and it’s the free market,” remind them, that if someone exploited one of their own vulnerabilities to steal their property, would they be thankful and just let them off the hook?

I’m not Tradfi in the slightest. I don’t really do forums because they are full of egotistical tools that ram their agenda. All forums are like this, they all have cliques, all have longstanding members and all have the old guard that rule the roost. I only signed up in her after the drop to take part in a vote and to be honest it’s really irritating. “I tried to save Luna, I demand a refund” yawn. To pushed your luck, got greedy yada yada.

In all honesty I’m still a little bullish on Luna, short term, even more so after reading stuff on here. Human nature is constant and so is greed, so if pushing your luck. If there is money to be made, people will give it a bash. For right or for wrong, you pays your money and takes your chance.

Too many people, it seems, bet the farm on nothing more than lots of zero’s and an influencers say so.

I’ve lost money with Luna, it stings a bit, but it happened so fast, nobody escape a little splash. I have bought more since the drop, I may lose the lot, I may get even. The point is if you don’t buy in to an opportunity, you’ll never be in the running. If you lost a tonne I feel for you, but that was your decision. You aren’t owed a thing.

Crypto is a lottery ticket that you are 90% sure at best, you know two numbers, the other 10% is your own due diligence. The rest is chance.

Shouting that the whole thing was a fix from the get go, does nothing for the industry that you so loudly want to save. Calling differing opinions to your own are shilling, also does no good for what you say you’re trying to achieve.

I hope after the snapshot, you take some time out and just get past it and return with fresh eyes.

And let’s face it. If this agenda wasn’t helping your bank balance, you wouldn’t be banging that drum.

Catching billionaire felons is some agenda. Yes, I admit I have an agenda to bring criminals to justice and not let them off the hook. You got me. Now, if somebody robbed you or your community, would you say those pursuing the robber were only doing it to help their bank balance and the normal response is to just ignore it?

Also if you read my previous posts, I helped defend against the attack on Mirror 5 months ago by large attackers and called on Terra to track them down or else they could attack in the future. Well, the attackers were let off the hook and guess what’s happened since?

How does ignoring TradFi’s repeated assaults on DeFi do anything to help the industry? “Shouting everything was a fix from the get go” - no there was ample evidence, like in the attack on Mirror, that I and many others looked at to conclude it was a sophisticated attack. Do you expect the attackers to come out publicly themselves and claim responsibility for the attack? If not, who else has billions of $, access to exchanges that require KYC, and access to Twitter to boost accounts and create bot accounts to spread FUD - all to attack a cryptocurrency?

Like I didn’t get over the Mirror attack and rightfully so, there is no reason for anyone to get over this attack and let the KYCed attacker off the hook. All they are doing is opening up the community to future attacks to be pillaged and plundered.

The attackers are trying to stir up lynch mobs to go after DK and Terra when the lynch mobs should instead be going after the attackers and their accomplices.