UPDATED Legally Cannot Create Fork and New Token

So what else were they saying? Was the Nakamoto family admitting that they were the ones behind the crash? Was it an inside job?

yes that’s what they did

no inside job deliberate destruction for better future of Terra

it was flawed the code and to prevent greater disaster in near future they decided to cut it
more, they said that Do and devs were ignorant, irresponsible and arrogant about it

if market cup would grow more, more people would suffer then, and they are sorry for loss but there was no other way to stop it

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do klown is getting investigated by korean government

FYI… LFG team… i know you guys are quiet b/c of mass group revenge. I get it. But now, doing NOTHING is only making the mob pick up their pitchforks.

Now MIGHT be time to an government entity to strike a deal - offer the community and tech in exchange for compliance and bail out. UK, US, Korea, Singapore, or even China

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Bu çatal bizim bize bir sonuç getirmeyecek. Bizim yapmamız gereken halen toplum yanımızda iken bir an önce arzı azaltmanın yoluna gitmeliyiz. Luna alım satımı için vergi getirin. Saldırıdan etkilenen cüzdanları kayıt altına alıp. Vergiden toplanan ücretler ile hem arzı yakın hemde bu kişilerin mağduriyetini giderin. En azından bu arzın %70 ni yok etmelisiniz. Toplumun kripto dünyasına olan güvenini boşa çıkarırsanız bundan bütün borsalar etkilenecektir. Bize gerekli olan şey Yakım. İster bu yakımı vergi koyarak yapın. İsterseniz alım satıma bağlı olarak yapın.



Do the fork please



The only condition that i will agree to a fork is that V2 will set aside some earnings to buyback and burn V1 LUNA and UST! It can be years but at least show us that you want to be responsible and help.



I object this proposal and support for the USDC compensation one with following reasons

1.When Terra launch UST, you promise 1:1 pegged with USD. That is the reason you call it stable coin. However, you break the promise regardless of any reasons.

2.Terra and you never and ever told us that it is risky. I believe if you said it before, many of us will not invest money on it. From this perspective, you cheat all of us.

2.For users joining UST staking, they just want to have relatively high stable earning. They don’t want to be millionaires. Instead, they just want to make a better life with decent earning day by day to feed their families

Therefore, I appeal to all the guys in this forum to support the USDC compensation proposal.

Lastly, my whole family joined the UST staking in Binance with 74k USD cost. The screenshot is from my account. The unpegged UST hurt us very deep. I sincerely wish Terra could take responsible for the loss for so many UST holders and not break their hearts again.

Meanwhile, we should also get the authority of vote in this forum as we have spent lots of money on Binance UST staking.

Thanks a lot.



No to fork. From simple economic, burn supply and increase in price should follow and, dont follow policies insane Biden.
Can anyone tell me at least, should I keep my 100… almost worthless tokens on my binance account or just transfer them to the wallet???



why would you wanted to fork , fork only make it wrose only way is to burn the token




what will happen to us luna holders and with our losses is this solution? can we just exchange our luna to kimchi at least has value to eat,…



I have a proposal to request for a new coin airdrop distribution -
Everyone before depeg should get the tokens back as 1:1 ratio. And after the depeg whatever the dollar value of coins they bought for should get the coins according. This way you’re making everyone happy and at least we will feel good about not losing everything in our capital that we invested. We had NEVER SOLD SINGLE COIN in the faith of the project and to be a long term holder. That never selling any coins has become our punishment of the lifetime. Everyone around us told us we should have gotten our capital out asap the price went up. But nope our 21 year old son thought LUNA IS LEGENDARY coin. IT WILL NEVER EVER FAIL. That belief left the biggest scar on our lives now that it’s becoming so hard to get over it. Losing money is never a fun and that to a $140 k. But losing this way is even a harder to cope with. Not selling a single luna token and not getting our capital out was the worsts decision of our life. The pain is unbearable. IN GOD WE TRUST. GOD BLESS EVERYONE!!



I think the things you are going to address now 1) Save the trust of the community investors in the project team. If you lose the trust of community investors, even if you fork 2 3 4 5 6 forks, it is useless, because no one will invest in them. Let’s take a step back and say that even if you fork on the new chain LUNA and the old chain Airdrop, that is only an increase in the number of a currency holding address, because investors do not trust you, so I still want to say, please don’t think of other methods, you must analyze this time from the perspective of investors events, so that you can solve this matter faster and solve this matter perfectly



There is no need to create a new chain from my point of view!
Make changes to the current chain!
Create a new token and connect to the Luna and UST chains!
In the first step, airdrop a significant amount of Luna and lock the airdrops for 1 year!
In the second step, offer a new token added to the chain!
The pattern should be such that printing a new token causes Luna and UST to burn at the same time!
Simultaneous printing of Luna and USt also burns the new token

Consider the print count limit for the new token!
For example, the maximum number of printed 3 billion tokens!
The current pattern has two dimensions - two dimensions either grow or destroy each other - Luna has always needed a third dimension in her chain pattern!
Print new token tokens (up to x number) = burn two Luna and ust tokens at the same time

Burn new tokens = simultaneous printing of Luna and ust
Inflation in ust = burning Luna
Descending ust = Luna print




What happen who had LunaX/Luna LP before 7h may?



How about a spoon :joy::joy::joy:




The plan sounds like a socialist 5 year plan from the Soviet Union, already built in design on forcing to hold an asset. The people have suffered enormous losses, they need help and hope now and not in 4 years, who knows if there will be in 4 years free cryptos at all. Printing money and 2-4 year forced plans bring no value … you can see that in politics , it is no different here.
This collectivist social plan is a waste of time and resources. Besides, what guarantees that Luna 2.0 will not suffer the same fate again?

Crises are in life always the most efficient source of improvement, the bigger the crisis the bigger the chance and the market always finds the very best solution and above all the very fastest solution.

The right way in this crisis is to :

  1. burn the inflationary coins & temporaly increase the TX fees to compensate the UST holders. there are several proposals that make sense.
  2. Make the concept of algorythmic stablecoins more resistant to such attacks. Otherwise, you can soon wipe your ass with algorythmic stablecoins.
    By simply crapping out Luna 2.0 and distributing it arbitrarily according to a complex socialist plan will not produce any value. Sticking one’s head in the sand, the problem will not be solved. Don’t you understand that the business model has a bug that needs to be fixed.
    Our smartest heads should look for a solution here. This is also in the interest of the entire crypto community. I think only approaches to strengthen the existing business model is forward-looking. The fork is only politics and weakening.




Time to step down, go hide somewhere with lot’s of security before they find out what really happened and your in jail within the next year or so with your pals. Just my opinion.



25% - UST holders at the “Launch” snapshot

and he said UST first, now its last, not even snapshot before de-peg, pathetic




People, there’s a vesting period of 2 years!!! you won’t see your money ever again. This plan in designed to let Do Kwon off as easy as possible. He’s going to create more fake money, backed by absolutely nothing, with absolutely no value, and lock you into it for 2 years. This will be his THIRD project he created that didn’t work. Enough is enough.

There are better proposals than this heap of garbage. VOTE NO.




Reserved. why not=)



@dokwon Please don’t fork it! Burn the current supply of luna



Sounds like a double scam rug pull, it’s simple. Burn the excess supply not create scam v2.



Might seem a crazy idea, but here’s my 2 pennies worth.

  • why not turn Luna into a decentralised community coin with a fun feel to it like shiba inu.
  • Through staking let the community votes on the direction of the coin
  • let lunar classic act as a canary network for V2 to mitigate any future catastrophies on the main V2 chain.

*Use lunar classic as gas fees for the V2 chain.

*Burn lunar used as gas or first use it to pay back UST holders on a full 1:1 peg

  • Let the community dictate the various burn mechanism to reduce coin supply on the old Luna network.

*Let both v1 and V2 be a means to pay back the UST holders on 1:1 basis over time.

  • And finally don’t call it Lunar classic call it Lunar canary and walk away as project lead for the old lunar and focus instead on making V2 and Terra successful whilst ensuring all terralabs future projects benefit old Luna in some capacity.

It really is that simple and everyone is happy. We have 2 chains and also the hope that through creative burn mechanisms still a good Dev team and a solid community both chains can thrive and Terra can rise through the ashes.


This is really interesting. We need to know who they really are, as Nakamoto is likely a reference to Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, and not their real identity. If they profited and truly did it to prevent more people from suffering then they should have the funds to restore UST holders. What happened to this topic? Did they delete it or @dokwon? Or someone else moderating this forum?

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its was gone in say 3-5 min, I could not believe
someone MODS or HIM

there was nothing about refunds, they said that we the community should take the control and repair on whats left for better projects and future of whole crypto market

It seems like the whole thing was a scam from the beginning. They pumped up the price of LUNA and consequently the market cap of UST as high as it could go, then used their profits to buy Bitcoin to prepare for the crash, and sold that Bitcoin to VCs and whales shortly after the depegging to show their faith so they would end up supporting this bullshit v2 fork so they could try to do it all over again.

More details here: https://twitter.com/DU09BTC/status/1504862614572179456

And here: https://twitter.com/fatmanterra/status/1526459437166346240?s=21&t=pMlmkZmnLMMTGict3gRqVQ

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you’re right dude I agree with you saving luna needs to be a priority or launching a new luna will hurt the ecosystem and hurt the trust of the crypto community


Yo también creo que es ilegal y le voy a denunciar en el banco central de mi país como se le ocurra bifurcar. Yo ahora mismo estoy comprando para recuperarme…como bifurques DEMANDA COLECTIVA!!!

There are burn supporters outside Terra community too. Lets join discussion people :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m interested in learning more about the following:

  • Delegation has been halted [Preventing new voting on proposals to fix, e.g. burn proposals.]
  • Rewards! are still issued for pre-existing staking. [From posts at very very high %.]
  • Where are these rewards sold? On CEXs? [You can’t have your cake and eat it too!]
  • Twitter posts by figurehead to “Stay Strong” and imply DCAing. [Why else would [they] also DCA with LFG funds?]

The devs and validators should be really thinking to distance themselves from a fork. [Polls here show the will of the community as NO FORK too.]

More than likely the Manhattan DA Office, FBI, and SEC are going to get involved, and that’s just the USA jurisdiction. The loss of life and funds are too large to be globally ignored.



a fork serves only Do Kwon, his validator
, and the whales. we dont want to be slaves to 2 years. do what is right ant stop being selfish :neutral_face: :neutral_face:

Satoshi gonna come out of hiding and take charge fixing this epic PONZI fail after what he’s seen.

Maybe he wants to be arrested :joy::joy::joy:

Do Kwon is believed to be resident in Singapore.

If you suspect the conduct of a crime, and you want the police in Singapore to look into the matter, you can reach out to the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

The Commercial Affairs Department will be relevant for white-collar crime.

You can provide info about criminal activity via the i-Witness process.

However, this is NOT a police report, and the police may just collect the info and archive it with no action.

The electronic filing of a police report requires SingPass, a national identification system.

You can reach out to the SPF via their contact feedback form and ask for assistance in filing a police report.

You can also reach out for help via the embassy. Just google for contact in your country.

File a police report and share it. Singapore makes a big deal about being tough on crime. See if they will bother to do anything about someone running or enabling a cyber-crime from Singapore.

The South Korean financial and law enforcement regulators have reportedly began enquiries. Perhaps someone from South Korea can post info on process of filing police reports.

And, of course, for the US side =)

Hope this helps.


hehe, i did it.


We don’t want a new Fork, just burn the extra supply of our original Luan, thanks

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