UST stuck on Anchor post attack snapshot. Cannot withdraw funds

Hi all! I have ~7k UST stuck on Anchor, when trying to withdraw it says “Not enough transaction fees”
Can someone explain what does this mean and how can I successfully withdraw my funds?

Yesterday when contacting Anchor support the agent said I have to instal Metamask and integrate my wallet by adding 500$ of ETH there, does this sound legit?

I would really appreciate some step by step guidance as I’m pretty new to this.
Thanks in advance!

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Hey, you need to have UST in your wallet for the gas fees to withdraw from Anchor earn.

Also he’s a scammer who PMed you to integrate wallet. You can block him. Admins never PM you.

oh gosh, so this is support live chat on annchorprotocols com is a total scam place?

btw, how can I pay fees in UST if there is no such coin anymore?

It’s renamed as USTC now.