Ustc or USTN . Someone make a statement now

Is there such a logic… I received dollars from you for my labor, and after a while you will ignore these dollars, instead you will issue different dollars… but I will not get anything… Do you think this logic is correct? @edk208

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The best way to burn Luna Classic Tokens A new classic dollar build with three-year staking and 250% profit Two two-year stake, 110 percent profit One year stake, 47% profit The new Classic Dollar will be powered by Luna Classic And with each stake, 50% of Luna Classic will be purchased and kept, and 48% of Luna Classic will be burned, and 1% of Ustc will be burned, and 1% will be the profit of the creators. If someone wants to withdraw early from the three-year, two-year or one-year stick, no interest will be given to it. At the same time, the profit of the sticks cannot be withdrawn until the end of the period With this method, it is possible to burn a lot of classic luna and increase the price of classic luna and ustc, and the new classic dollar will be accompanied by great profit.